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Virtual Spirit is a young and ambitious team changing the online world. Over here we believe in being different and doing things differently. We are spearheading the future and we are going to bring you along. Be different. Do things differently.

The Spirit Team

Virtual Spirit is an idea that was born from the Founder's (Nicholas) experience working in startup companies since he first left university. Having the opportunity to work in a startup company that made it big while he was working on it and the privilege of building another major property site from nothing based purely on his experience, the Founder learnt the workings of startup companies from the ground up.

Surrounded by a network of Gen Y software engineering friends, he had a friend resign from his job to build his own startup company - and succeeded beyond his wildest imaginings. Believing that anyone can code, the founder of The Next Academy, Josh Teng, built the best coding school in South East Asia. Inspired by his friend’s success and his own personal experiences of pain and success, the Founder then decided to open a company dedicated purely to building companies with the belief that everyone has the ability transform their ideas into reality with technology.

The content creator of Virtual Spirit (Diane) is a writer of diversified skill set. She started reading children encyclopaedias at the age of 4. Developing her reading and English language skills in leaps and bounds she progressed to devouring literary books by the time she was 12.

Unaware of her dormant skills, she joined a variety of industries since she graduated inclusive of working as a national sales executive in MNC companies and a media executive in the advertising line. After always acting as the ‘writer’ for her various bosses she gradually found her talent for writing which she passionately honed thereafter.

With her flair for research and putting words together effortlessly, she began creating web content. Developing her content creation skill on-the-go, she quickly acquired experience in creating various types of content with different writing styles to suit a diverse range of businesses. Diane eventually joined the content creation and marketing industry - and has never looked back.

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