Tech Consultation

Beginning a startup journey may not be easy if you are not technologically inclined. Getting a techie to help you, especially one who is an expert in the start up scene, will not only save you time and multiple headaches - but also cost.

At Virtualspirit, we do not just provide professional services but also suggested moving forward actions for you to avoid future redundant processes.

Hire Us for Your Tech Consultation
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  • What We Do

  • Interview Stakeholders

    We always understand our clients before we start working with them. Meetings will be scheduled with all the stakeholders to better understand their needs and challenges. And during these meetings, we will gain a solid concept of what you want and provide you with the ideal solution.

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  • Market & Technology Research

    Our work will involve researching your company’s Buyer Persona to attract the most relevant and valuable clientele to your business. We will also research your industry and competitors, understanding yours and their unique selling points, and what makes you different. We may also study what technology your competitor is using and see how, if possible, you may apply it to your advantage.

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  • Advice & Strategy

    We will provide you with informed advice based on your company’s Buyer Persona, our experience, and solid research; during which we will identify your core functionality. Your personalised strategy will then be based on your company’s core strengths, to maximise your full potential at minimum cost.

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  • Documentation

    Tying up the loose ends at the final phase of the consultation, we will provide you with a full documentation of all the research and studies that have been conducted. A comprehensive ‘moving forward’ plan will be provided to you for the continued success of your business in our final report.

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