Ruby on Rails & Mobile Development

Creating great products requires in-depth knowledge of how the various tech stacks work together. With our expertise in Ruby on Rails and knowledge in the various stacks such as JS Framework, Ionic2, Heroku, Mysql, Postgres, AWS and many more, we turn ideas into cutting edge solutions for our clients.

Ensuring that a two-way channel of communication between our team and clients are open at all times, we utilise project management softwares such as Teamwork and Asana. As a result, our clients are always up-to-date on their project’s cost, progress and quality.

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  • Technology Stacks

  • Back-End Technology

    Our expertise is in Rails. Rails is always our favourite because it is scalable to millions of traffic, and is maintainable and easily customised. Also being the latest language trend, Rails wins our confidence.

    But if you are looking for CMS or eCommerce websites; products that require less customisation; we can build solutions based on Wordpress backends for you. It is the more affordable yet still sophisticated backend.

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  • Front-End Technology

    With a fully integrated backend and front-end, we ensure seamless connectivity in the systems. With our expertise in JQuery and AngularJS, we can create a great user experience for your users whether we build for you interactive websites or quick loading Single Page Applications (SPA).

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  • Mobile Technology

    We always seek to provide the best to our clients. Utilising Objective C for iOS and Java for Android, we can create both Native or Hybrid (Ionic2) mobile apps. We will first thoroughly consult with you and understand your product before recommending to you the best solution.

    Our typical recommendation for Minimal Viable Prototype (MVP) is the Hybrid app, but if you require a high performance, high intensity mobile app, we will recommend you the Native app.

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  • Enhanced Services

  • Deployment Automation

    Ensuring smooth deployment to production servers, we utilise tools such as Capistrano, Chef and Ansible. This allows for more Efficiency, Reliability and Speed. In the long run, costs will be lowered and productivity increased.
    Capistrano, Chef and Ansible also takes care of multiple versions of deployment, and acts as a backup. In case of any mishaps, the system can be easily rolled back to its previous state.

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  • Server & Web Security

    As the world moves online, security and data loss become the main concerns. Every time we deploy an app to production, we take care of server hardening and web security to avoid hacking. We install Firewalls and SSL Encryption, and perform Server Auditing, File Auditing and many more to strengthen security. Clients who utilise this service typically enjoy 99% uptime.

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  • Server Hosting

    Of the innumerous server hosts in the market, we only handpick the best for our clients. Our selections are based on the server host’s reliability and their customer support. We weigh the pros and cons of each server in terms of costing and flexibility based on our clients’ location and business. We may for example recommend Heroku for very small products, but Digital Ocean, Linode and AWS for high traffic projects that require much more customisation.

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  • Automate Testing

    Other than performing manual user acceptance testing, we also perform TDD (Test Driven Development). We write automated test cases that cover Model Testing, Controller Testing and Integration Testing. We place importance on our Testings as it ensures that we always deliver high quality and bug free codes that are scalable and maintainable at the same time.

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