8 Best Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients
Published at December 31, 2022

The best healthcare mobile apps for patients are those that make the experience easy and convenient. They should also be disease-specific, so you can get the most out of your time with your patients.

To find the right ones, you need to know what type of patient you are, what diseases you’re treating, and what needs you want to address. About 50,000 health apps are accessible on the Apple Store and Google Play app stores, and consumer adoption of health apps has increased dramatically as well.

In response to this digital transformation in the healthcare industry, especially healthcare apps, GMO Research conducted a study on the uptake and utilisation of health and wellness applications in five different Asian nations: Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The highest percentage of all the nations surveyed, 100% of Malaysia's respondents claim to use a health and wellness app. Following these are Thailand (66.8%) and Korea (68.3%). Only 30.2% of people in Japan claim they use one or more health and wellness applications, which is the country with the lowest utilisation rates.

8 best healthcare mobile apps

1. Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand is one of the medical apps that can be an option for patients. Users of doctor-on-demand apps can connect with medical professionals via text or video chat at any time, anywhere, using their smartphones.

These apps often reduce the cost of healthcare and save time that would otherwise be spent travelling to the hospital or doctor's office and standing in line. The doctor on Demand app is available on iOS and Android.

2. Fitbit

Fitbit app has some features including step counting, heart rate monitoring, food logging, and hydration monitoring. Users can even compete with friends and family to reach their health goals by sharing training images on social media.

The Fitbit app's MobileTrack function enables health-conscious smartphone users to track basic health and activity data like steps, distance, calories burnt, weight fluctuations, and fitness goals even if they don't possess one of the company's wearable devices. Fitbit is available on iOS and Android.

3. WebMD

A companion to the WebMD website, WebMD is a comprehensive medical app. Users can access information on medications, illnesses, and a range of other medical and lifestyle subjects that are geared toward the general public. There are different apps for the iPhone and iPad, and some extra functions in the iPhone app are not present in the iPad app.

WebMD's symptom checker, and diseases to obtain medically reviewed information about relevant conditions, drugs & treatments, and similar symptoms are just a few of its features. WebMD is available on iOS and Android.

4. MySugr

MySugr is a diabetes healthcare app that allows users to track their insulin, gives one-on-one support, and gives patients essential information. Patients can log their data daily to have better control of their condition. Doctors also can review the data to treat the patients better.

Patients using this user-friendly program can also receive encouraging challenges and feedback to help them deal with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Many people who struggle to manage their diabetes have found these apps to be valuable partners. MySugr is available on iOS and Android.

5. EyeCare Live

EyeCare Live allows patients to connect with their eye doctor. But, if patients have a serious condition, this app is not recommended for them to use. Patients with dry eyes, red eyes, allergies, or questions concerning contact lenses respond best to this healthcare software.

Doctors can connect with patients and ask for documents about their conditions using photos or videos of the eyes. Within minutes, a high-definition video connection allows the doctor to see the patients to better diagnose and treat their disease.

EyeCare Live is available on iOS and Android.

6. Naluri

Naluri is a healthcare app for patients from Malaysia. For those with chronic illnesses like kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease as well as mental health issues like anxiety and depression, Naluri offers human-led and AI-augmented digital health coaching.

It provides both private individuals and corporate clients with multidisciplinary support through organised programs and exclusive app-based technologies.

Naluri is available both on iOS and Android.

7. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a calorie-counting app. Patients can quickly check up on what they eat and log in to the app which is available in mobile app and website versions. This app can connect patients to the database of foods.

Further, MyFitnessPal provides patients with feedback at the end of each day. The feedback can be used to help patients attain their weight goals. It is not a diet procedure, but offering nutritional facts, can help patients in making dietary modifications. MyFitnessPal is a recommended health and fitness app.

MyFitnessPal is available both on iOS and Android.

8. Apple Health

Apple Health–health and fitness is a stock app, which means it is downloaded onto your iPhone much like Photos, Clock, Messages, etc. It has an all-white icon with a pink heart in the top right corner.

Health is an app for convenience, allowing users to examine an overview of all their health information in one app rather than having to open several. It targets people who are interested in learning more about their health and fitness.

Users can track their calories burned, and check blood pressure, weight, sleep patterns, and glucose levels. When iOS 15 is released, users can share their health information data.

How to get started with Healthcare Mobile Apps

There are some healthcare apps available for patients. After you’ve decided on an app, it’s important to research the features and benefits of each one. You can find an app for any type of healthcare, from routine check-ups to more complex treatments.

Wrapping up

Healthcare professionals are working hard to modernise their offerings and give patients the comfort and best healthcare they deserve. The creation of cutting-edge mobile healthcare apps will keep expanding and getting better. Healthcare apps currently give customers the attention they need when they need it.

To give better treatment and build user experience in a healthcare mobile app, VirtualSpirit can help you to make it happen. Additionally, our skilled developers can create an app that helps users in managing their healthcare successfully if you own a healthcare business and are searching for an on-demand healthcare app. Book us a call now.

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