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Learnemy, a platform that narrows the gap between experienced instructors and young learners to achieve better prospects of learning. We developed a diverse learning platform for eager learners and skillful instructors from any part of Singapore.
Ruby Care
Ruby care is a noble attempt at helping patients by predicting and preventing diseases with the help of big data and information systems. Ruby care aimed to build a platform for patients to store their data in a personal profile, so that in future they could easily share it with doctors, and even use it for online consultations. Not only that, but they were also hoping to automatically diagnose diseases by incorporating a machine learning algorithm. We were thrilled to be a part of such a great project, but the challenges we faced were far more fierce than any other projects.
Claims App
Claims app, an app under NEXT Academy to assist young developers with the support of the coder community of Southeast Asia. We developed a diversified, paperless and automated processing service for the NEXT Academy.
PinIT Geo-Fencing App
PinIT, a geo-fencing app, enabling parents to keep track of their children by setting up virtual geographic fences. We built a highly accurate and cutting-edge GPS tracking application for PinIT which can help parents to monitor their child’s precise location efficiently and meticulously.
RAMCI MyCredit Info App
RAMCI MyCredit App, a platform under the leading credit bureau that lets the users track all details related to their credit profile. We developed a mobile app, which helps you to know your credit report on the go.
PropSocial – Malaysia’s first social property portal
PropSocial, Malaysia’s first property platform which aims to carve a niche for itself using technology and community support. We developed a website which helps the property buyer to find the ideal home.
BQuity is an investing platform where any potential investor can invest his money on their favorite technologies. We delivered a secure and feature-rich web app which works as a medium to invest in cutting edge technologies.
SASA Mobile App
SASA, a well-established cosmetics retail chain of Asia with over 270 retail stores and counters. We developed a mobile app which works as an exclusive marketplace of SASA for cosmetics that any ideal shopper would love.
E-SEAchain Website
E-SEAChain, the B2B business platform helping suppliers with effortless global shipping. We created a website that works as the gateway for B2B suppliers to gather global customers’ requirements and simplifying the business process.
TCMC Medical Care Web App
TCMC, a healthcare web app that aligns with the noble principles of the Tzu Chi foundation. We developed an easy and user-friendly web app to handle all the complex data and operations of the world's one of the largest charitable organizations.
EVC Charge point and EV station finder app
EVC, a mobile app that helps electric car owner to easily find and choose between various charge point operators. We developed the simple and useful app, solving the most exasperating problem faced by electric car owners.
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