All You Need to Know About Medicine Delivery Apps
Published at December 31, 2022

Regarding digital transformation in the healthcare industry, mobile apps are proliferating for wellness products and medicines delivery apps. Medication is essential that everyone needs, at least at some point.

However, there are situations when consumers must overcome the difficulty of waiting in lengthy lines to purchase medication from the store. Applications for on-demand medication delivery enter the scene in this situation.

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreaks, on-demand delivery apps come for people who want to get treatment without physical interaction and prevent contact with the virus. Patients, and maybe you stay home, order the medicine from your smartphone and receive it at home.

A recent survey by the health-tech company Medtronic has been featured in one post from Biospectrum Asia. Approximately 15 markets in the Asia Pacific (APAC) area have benefited greatly from COVID-19, according to the survey, but the positive effect on innovation differed noticeably among markets.

Even in South-East Asia, telemedicine, online pharmacy, and mobile digital health apps acquired regional traction, highlighting the need for more cheap consultations, speedier appointments, and a considerable decrease in patients' travel costs.

Thus, it is clear that the market for online medicine delivery apps is growing. It follows that people today need more mobile apps. There are still plenty of opportunities for you to create your app or use a medicine delivery app although there are many apps by app developers that supply medications.

How the Medicine Delivery App works

First: Patients first download adaptable applications to their smartphones or tablets.

Second: They then request medication by sending a duplicate of their filtered medications to the system. A group of enlisted drug experts limit each medicine need that was incorporated into the framework.

Third: The drug shop distribution centre in the neighbourhood where the patient would receive the prescriptions is directed by enlisted drug professionals to carry out the treatments they feel is appropriate.

This unique framework can challenge a mobile web platform while remaining secure due to its ease of use.

The benefits of using medicine delivery apps

1. Flexibility to patients

The quantity and type of medications patients want to be delivered are completely up to them. Additionally, they can schedule their delivery of the medications. To make it more convenient for them, they can either set a later date or request urgent deliveries.

2. Analytics and tracking

Additionally, medicine delivery services track the order history of their clients and learn the kinds and dosages of medications they typically order. By looking into and maintaining track of their consumers' profiles, they develop positive relationships with them. This enables the app to present customers with suitable things and ease them.

3. Tracking orders in real-time

It enables users of personalised medicine delivery apps to keep track of their orders. Customers may appropriately coordinate the delivery time and how it will take to arrive by checking the order's current state and the location reach.

4. Accuracy of Delivery

Because medical professionals are preparing the prescription, patients can rest easy knowing that there is a lower risk of a negative reaction. By giving patients the appropriate medication, the correctness of the medication is guaranteed.

5. Better order management

Through their dashboard, online medicine delivery services can get overall insights into all the orders of their consumers. This helps the online store for controlling process difficulties. For a more efficient process, the apps can quickly find defects, address postponed deliveries, and resolve other issues.

6. Efficiency for the store

Through the procedure, it's important to make sure that medications are carefully controlled and stocked. Additionally, the delivery system must guarantee quick and on-time deliveries. Patients must receive medications appropriately, and distribution must be more efficient than it is at conventional medicine stores.

7. Simple payments

The medicine delivery app makes payments simple and easy. Customers have the option to pay with cash, a credit card, or online. Additionally, customers are only sometimes required to pay upfront. Once the order is delivered, they can pay in cash.

8. Saving the cost

The medicine delivery app provides customers with a variety of deals and packages that enable them to get medications at a significant discount. It significantly reduces their out-of-pocket medical expenses.

The Challenge of Medicine Delivery App

Medicine delivery apps have the drawback that there is no direct, one-on-one communication with anyone. It can be difficult for patients to find a licensed medicine specialist when they need to ask questions about the prescriptions they are taking. As a result, it may not be practical for patients to pick up their prescriptions at the same time.

Thus, it can be a thing for medical professionals to ensure licensed medicine for patients.

Popular Medicine Delivery App in Malaysia

1. DoctorOnCall

DoctorOnCall is one of the digital healthcare services in Malaysia. It is claimed to be a quick, simple, and affordable service. Patients can access the services anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The main feature of this app is that patients can consult medical professionals through medical video consultations.

Further, patients can get their prescriptions, and medicine delivered from the DoctorOnCall app.

2. Esyms

Esyms claimed that this app ensures that clients have simple access to personal care, wellness, and healthcare products. Utilise modern technology to your advantage and take advantage of our on-demand pharmaceutical services.

Further, Esyms also provides medical professionals including certified pharmacists. The services from Esyms are telepharmacy, live chat, my pill box, upload prescriptions, Esyms news, and of course medicine delivery.

3. Alpro Pharmacy

From its official website, Alpro Pharmacy is a community-based company that offers medical and pharmacy services. In the little town of Port Dickson, it had a modest beginning in 2002 with just one drugstore location.

Further, patients can get their prescription medicine, consult with doctors online, and receive the medication doorstep.


MyUBAT is a healthcare app from the Malaysian Government. The medication supply management system for pharmacy value-added services (MyUBAT) enables patients to track the supply and use of their medicine through the MyUBAT app on their smartphones.

Final Words

These days, on-demand healthcare apps are on the rise. As consumers become more digitised, they demand everything from the convenience of their homes. Because people will need medicine and healthcare treatment, the healthcare industry will always thrive. All you need to do is come up with an easier and more practical way to satisfy their needs.

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