What Is Lensa App and How This App Goes Viral
Published at January 02, 2023

Have you ever imagined your self-portrait is drawn by an artist? Fyi, Lensa App has started appearing on social media. It amazes many people including artists because the results of the Lensa AI app are similar to the artist's works.

In order to produce portraits in a range of styles, including anime and pop art, this Prisma Labs photo and video editor uses selfie images and artificial intelligence (AI). It has been available since 2018.

It functions by requesting that users upload 10 to 20 selfies of themselves, select their gender, and then pay to get 50 avatars or 100 to 200, each with a different filter style, such as Superhero, Adventure, Rock Star, and Cyborg.

Lensa AI has been viral since many influencers also used it and shared it on Instagram. Because it is viral, let’s look at the Lensa AI photo editing app information below.

What is the Lensa app?

A feature of the photo-editing app Lensa, which is accessible on mobile, allows you to upload selfies and turn them into avatars. The app can be used to edit films as well as your images, allowing you to do everything from blur backgrounds to enhance your skin.

According to Entrepreneurs, Lensa uses AI to digitise photos in various genres, including anime, fantasy, and "stylish," which most closely matches an oil painting on a vividly coloured or white background.

Even though the app is free, the portraits are not. Users can post 10 to 20 selfies for a seven-day free trial and then choose from a selection of distinctive avatar packages that cost between $3.99 and $7.99 for 50, $100, or 200. The cost of a one-year subscription is $35.99.

Statista showed that as of December 8, 2022, there had been over 5 million app downloads, up from less than a million in October 2022.

How does the Lensa app work?

The Lensa AI app works differently from conventional photo editors, which make adjustments and create photographs in real time. Your selfies are uploaded to Google or Amazon cloud servers when you use the Lensa AI app.

The AI then analyses your selfies and produces images in many varieties and artistic styles using the latent diffusion model and CLIP, a dataset of over 400 million images.

Due to the Stable Diffusion model's high computational demands, running it in the cloud requires a lot of processing power, increasing the time it takes to generate AI images for Lensa AI.

The app states in its privacy policy that it uses TrueDepth API technology and that user-provided photographs, or “face data”, are used “to train our algorithms to perform better and deliver you better results”.

According to Cnet, the shared images and a copy of an individually trained model are permanently removed from the servers after the batch of Avatars has been created. The procedure starts over every time a user buys a new pack of avatars, thus Prisma urges you to supply images each time you place an order for a new package.

Is it safe to use the Lensa app?

According to the Lensa app privacy statement, concerning how user data is being used, privacy issues have emerged since the app is going viral. For example, Lensa's AI can be trained using your submitted photographs.

Further, the company uses your uploaded pictures just to apply filters and effects. Instead of just using your information for images and videos, it adds a plethora of other uses, such as the following:

  • A neural network's training algorithms
  • To supply, enhance, evaluate, and track Lensa's performance
  • To give you content and information about Lensa that is personalised
  • Lensa-related technical issues to be identified and/or fixed

Further, the Lensa app also gives your information about the terms of use for user content.

By installing the app and uploading your photos, you are giving Lensa a “perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide, fully-paid, transferable, sub-licensable licence to use, reproduce, modify, distribute, and create derivative works of your User Content, without any additional compensation to you and always subject to your additional explicit consent for such use where required by applicable law”.

You can take action if you recently uploaded images to the app and are now worried about how your data is being used. You can ask for the removal of your personal information by sending an email to privacy@lensa-ai.com. To withdraw permission to use your images in advertisements, send an email to contact@lensa-ai.com.

Features in the Lensa app

Photo editing: This feature offers you magic retouch, blur background, hair colour, backdrop, art styles, filters, borders, reset, redo and undo, crop, and eraser.

Video editing: Lensa app also allows users to edit video. Users can add music, trim, change the ratio, add a video or photo, redo and undo, play the video, reshuffle, and save.

Magic avatars: Lensa AI uses technology to create magical avatars, drawing the output images from users' self-portraits. Avatars may not 100% look like the user, and maybe it looks like nothing and will be distorted.

Wrapping up

The Lensa AI app has gone viral, it's the most popular photo app today. It uses AI to make your life easier by creating dazzling photos with a single tap. The reviews of this app are pretty positive worldwide. The interface is straightforward, even though users need to go through a walkthrough tutorial before using it.

You can easily choose your best photos and then have them transformed with the app's AI filters. Choose between more than ten million possible combinations of filters to find one that makes you the star of your own photo story.

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