10 React Native Component Libraries in 2023 You Should Know
Published at June 14, 2023

React Native has emerged as a popular framework for building cross-platform mobile applications compatible with iOS and Android devices. It also has popular React Native components.

Besides its ability to leverage pre-built components, there is also a React Native library that makes the development process more accessible and enhances the aesthetics of the app. 

React Native UI libraries offer a collection of pre-built components that can be seamlessly integrated into your application, significantly reducing development time and effort. 

Let’s take a look at React Native Component review below.

10 React Native Component Libraries

Here are must-know React Native Component libraries you can adopt:

1. React Native Elements

React Native Elements is a widely popular component library that offers a comprehensive collection of cross-platform UI components in iOS, Android, and the web. 

It provides ready-to-use components such as buttons, badges, cards, and much more. 

You can quickly create visually appealing and responsive user interfaces using React Native Elements. It has 18k stars on GitHub.


  • A highly customisable component library for React Native.
  • Provides a set of beautifully designed UI components.
  • Offers a consistent and elegant look across different platforms.
  • Extensive collection of components such as buttons, badges, sliders, and social icons.

2. NativeBase

NativeBase is a sleek and customisable UI component library for React Native. 

It offers a wide range of components, including headers, footers, forms, and tabs, allowing you to build intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. 

NativeBase also supports theming, so you can customise the look and feel of your app effortlessly.


  • A popular UI component library for React Native.
  • Provides a set of essential components and theme-based styling.
  • Follows the Material Design guidelines for visually appealing interfaces.
  • Components include headers, footers, cards, and form elements.
  • 23k stars on GitHub.

3. Shoutem UI

Shoutem UI is a UI toolkit that provides a set of pre-designed and customisable components for React Native. 

It offers various UI elements, such as buttons, lists, navigation bars, and much more.

Shoutem UI's intuitive API and extensive documentation make integrating and working with it easily.


  • A powerful UI toolkit for React Native.
  • Provides a wide range of customizable and reusable components.
  • Extensive collection of UI elements including grids, lists, cards, and navigation components.
  • 4.8k stars on GitHub.

4. React Native Paper

Developed by the creators of Material Design, React Native Paper brings a delightful Material Design experience to your React Native apps. 

It offers a wide range of customisable components, including buttons, cards, dialogues, and more, all following the Material Design guidelines.


  • Material design component library for React Native.
  • Provides highly customizable components like buttons, cards, dialogues, and tooltips.
  • Offers a smooth and responsive user experience on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • It has over 30 components. 

5. React Native Vector Icons

If you're looking to add visually appealing icons to your React Native app, React Native Vector Icons is the library for you. 

It provides a vast collection of icon sets, including popular ones like Material Icons, FontAwesome, and Ionicons. You can easily integrate icons into your app and enhance its visual appeal using this component.


  • Provides a wide range of customizable icons for React Native applications.
  • Offers a vast collection of icons from popular icon sets.
  • Allows easy incorporation of beautiful icons into your app's UI.
  • Community support.
  • It can be used both in Android and iOS.

6. React Native Navigation

React Native Navigation is a powerful navigation library that offers smooth and efficient navigation experiences for React Native apps. 

It provides native navigation capabilities and ensures high performance even with complex navigation hierarchies. You can create seamless transitions between screens and deliver a polished user experience using React native navigation.


  • Efficient and smooth navigation
  • Cross-Platform support for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • React Native Navigation leverages native navigation controllers and animations, resulting in better performance compared to JavaScript-based navigation libraries.
  • Stack navigation support.
  • Tab navigation for the creation of bottom tabs or top tabs for switching between different sections or screens of the app.

7. React Native Maps

React Native Maps is a library that enables you to integrate interactive maps into your React Native applications. 

It supports both iOS and Android platforms and provides a wide range of features, including markers, polygons, and overlays. 

Whether you're building a location-based app or need to display geographical data, React Native Maps has got you covered.


  • React Native Maps provides interactive and customisable maps with geographical data. 
  • Cross-Platform compatibility supports both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Map types include standard, satellite, hybrid, and terrain views. 
  • Markers and annotations allow you to add markers and annotations on the map to highlight specific locations or points of interest. 
  • User location tracking allows you to display and track the user's current location on the map. 

8. UI Kitten

UI Kitten provides a collection of designed components with a modern and clean look. 

It allows you to easily create stylish interfaces by choosing from its extensive range of components, including buttons, cards, menus, and checkboxes.


  • A customisable UI component library both for iOS and Android.
  • Offers beautifully designed components with a modern and clean look.
  • Comprehensive documents.

9. React Native Gifted Chat

React Native Gifted Chat provides a comprehensive chat UI solution for your application. 

It offers a wide range of fully customizable components, including multiline text input, avatars, message copying to the clipboard, attachment options, and more.


  • It seamlessly integrates with Redux, a popular state management library for React Native. 
  • The library enjoys strong community support through GitHub issues, where developers can seek assistance, report bugs, or suggest enhancements.
  • React Native Gifted Chat has garnered significant attention, with over 12k stars on GitHub. 

10. Nachos UI

Nachos UI is a React Native UI library designed to simplify mobile app development by offering a diverse collection of components and styles. 

With Nachos UI, developers can benefit from an extensive set of ready-to-use components including buttons, cards, lists, and more. These components provide a solid foundation for building intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces.


  • Nachos UI provides a comprehensive range of components that cover essential UI elements required for mobile app development. 
  • Nachos UI recognizes the importance of customisation in creating unique and brand-specific app experiences.

Wrapping Up

React Native component libraries offer a convenient solution for developers by providing a collection of pre-built components. So it can be effortlessly involved in their apps. 

These libraries are a time-saving resource, reducing the need for extensive coding and design work. 

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