The Remarkable History of VirtualSpirit
Published at June 21, 2023

In a world where remote work is becoming the norm, we, at VirtualSpirit, emerge as pioneers in the web and mobile app development industry. 

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to the power of the “Virtual” world and the “Spirit” of collaboration, so here is where the name VirtualSpirit comes from. 

With a strong focus on creating impactful products that simplify daily life, we have quickly gained recognition and trust from partners worldwide, under the visionary leadership of our founder, Nicholas Ng Hui Sui.

Once Upon A Time

The VirtualSpirit journey began during Nicholas's university last days about 10 years ago, driven by a passion for creating products that could benefit a wide range of people. 

Nicholas's entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a desire to improve upon the quality of existing market offerings, led to the establishment of our company, VirtualSpirit.

Since our humble beginnings, we have experienced significant growth and transformation. From a team of just two individuals, we have expanded to a dedicated team of 40+ talented professionals. 

Despite this growth, we have remained true to our remote-first ethos, embracing the power of collaboration regardless of physical location. This commitment has allowed us to build trust and deliver exceptional results to our clients.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Technologies and Products

While initially focused on web and mobile app development, we have evolved to incorporate cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By staying ahead of the curve and constantly updating our knowledge and skills, we ensure that our clients receive the best value and outcomes possible. Our ability to adapt to emerging trends and leverage our technical expertise sets us apart from other agencies in Malaysia and the world.

We have gained more trust from our partners and continuously strive to improve by embracing cutting-edge technologies and products. 

In addition to our expertise in web and app development, we have expanded our service range to include innovative technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence. 

As a result, we have successfully launched our own products, VirtualSpace.ai and Membership.ninja, further establishing ourselves as leaders in the industry.

Building Remarkable Team

The early days of VirtualSpirit were not without their challenges. Like any small company, we faced hurdles in areas such as sales, establishing trust, and finding the right talent. Generating a consistent flow of leads was a particular challenge, as was overcoming scepticism surrounding our remote-first approach. 

However, with determination and perseverance, we overcame these obstacles and established ourselves as a reputable and innovative agency.

Building a remarkable team has been a top priority for us. Through various channels, we have assembled a group of talented individuals who share our values.

The ideal VirtualSpirit employee is a team player, responsible, responsive, and dedicated to continuous growth and learning.

Notable Projects

We have had the opportunity to work on notable projects that showcase our capabilities. Here are some of our projects: 

  1. Virtual Tenant Representative (VTR): It is a commercial real estate platform developed in partnership with a US-based client. As our involvement in the blockchain technology sphere grows, we have also incorporated blockchain into this project, further enhancing its value and potential.
  2. TVMS: It is one of Taiwan's largest charity organisations. Despite the complexity of the requirements, we successfully deployed a solution that now supports tens of thousands of volunteers. This project exemplifies our ability to tackle challenges head-on and deliver impactful solutions.

Always Growth and Learning 

Our company culture and values are integral to our success. Three core principles—Grow, Responsive, and Responsible—guide our operations. 


  • GROW - Grow and learn every day, and strive to become a better self.
  • RESPONSIVE - Being responsive is of utmost importance as we primarily work remotely.
  • RESPONSIBLE - Complete tasks on time, take ownership and take pride in our work.


Every day is an opportunity for growth and learning, ensuring that both the company and our teams continuously evolve. 

Being responsive is crucial in a remote work environment, enabling effective collaboration and communication. Finally, we value responsibility, emphasising timely delivery, taking ownership, and fostering a sense of pride in the work we undertake.

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