How Will Your New Facebook Chatbot Improve Customer Service?
Published at December 15, 2017

Facebook chatbot can be very valuable to companies that receive orders, complaints and support requests through this social network. Apart from Facebook, most chat bots can also work on various communication apps, and they can also be deployed to the company website.

When it comes to Facebook Messenger chat bot creation, you can choose an automated platform, code framework, or you can hire professional developers for this task. We have thoroughly explained the FB chat bot advantages in one of our previous articles, but in this one, we will only focus on customer service improvement these software solutions can bring.

When it comes to building chat bots, you can also check some of our previous works, including the comprehensive Facebook Messenger Chat Bot building guide and the article that will help you to create a sustainable budget for chat bot creation projects.

Since customer experience is the key to improving buyers' loyalty and achieving high sales and smooth cash flow, you should invest as much money as possible in your company's customer service. Today's consumers are smarter and more demanding, and they want instant replies. The most affordable way to achieve immediate availability is by adding a Facebook chatbot to your Messenger account. So, immediate responses are the first benefit we will describe.

Facebook chatbot provides fast responses to users

In the Digital Era, consumers are not used to waiting. It is very frustrating to them to wait several hours, or even several days to get the necessary information. Chat bots can answer customer inquiries in a few seconds. A carefully written conversational software will provide all required information and answer every potential question, customers might have.

Since users can contact the company to get answers on a wide variety of subjects, Facebook Messenger chat bot can narrow down their queries to the desired subject by sending menu messages and allowing them to choose, the topic by themselves. When the FB chat bot narrows down the customers' query, it processes their question and provides them with the right answer. 

What happens when Facebook chatbot can’t answer the question?

In case the Facebook chatbot can't give the right answer, it will give the customer an opportunity to send their questions through the live chat. Unfortunately, chat bots can’t fully replace the human customer service, but they can make their job much easier.

Chat bots engage customers

When it comes to the Facebook Messenger chat bot, consumers can only talk to it, if they click on the ‘start conversation' button. Chat bots deployed on the company's website can start a conversation with every visitor that opens the desired page, engage them with sales pitches, or provide valuable information.

Chat bots can also broadcast messages

Although Facebook Messenger chat bot can't contact other Facebook users ‘out of the blue', it is still handy for engaging the company's audience on this network. This software can broadcast messages to all users who have contacted the company during the last few weeks. It can send them discount notifications, or inform them about the new sales and product launches.

Introducing Facebook Messenger chat bot can decrease the CS costs

If you would like to match the chat bot performance with customer service operators, you will need at least three employees, to work in three shifts. This means that you will need to pay three customer service or sales representative salaries, as well as benefits, taxes, and bonuses.

In one year that will amount to more than $100,000 without benefits and taxes. Companies that are running large customer service departments often have problems with employee turnover because believe it or not; people don't like to answer questions and negotiate with buyers all day long. 

That is why customer service automation will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run, and developing a FB chat bot is the first step of this process. With Facebook Messenger chat bot, you will only need one full-time employee, who will process the information and serve as the live chat support.

Facebook Messenger chat bot provides 24/7 support

Although in this article we have specified the costs for the customer service department that works 24/7, not many companies hire representatives for night shifts. This usually counts as overtime, and therefore it requires more funds, and can't produce the adequate ROI.

With chat bots, it is a whole different story. One of their main advantages is their ability to provide 24/7 support. Unlike human customer service representatives, chat bots don't get tired, so they can work endlessly until they get replaced with the more advanced customer service automation solution.

FB chat bot reduces human error

Every FB chat bot ‘s answer is programmed and tested, by several people. That is why chat bots decrease the human error factor in customer service to a minimum. Customer service representatives, like any other employees, can get tired or have a bad day. Chat bots don't have these problems, and they will always post the programmed content.

Although FB chat bots are great, consumers would still rather talk to a human

Chat bots are developing at a breakneck pace. Although they bring endless benefits to customer service departments from all over the world, most consumers would rather talk to regular human company representatives. That is why chat bot personalization is a critical topic in this industry.
You can further personalize your chat bot by paying close attention to dialogue writing and by inserting small-talk, slang, and emojis into chat bot scripts.

If you don't have time to develop your first chat bot, or you want to use your free time for improving your core business, you should hire a chat bot development agency, for building, training and maintaining chat bots. Virtual Spirit is one of the leading companies in this field. We will automate customer service, with a premium Facebook Messenger chat bot solution that will speed up your business and leave your customers speechless. 

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