How Eco-Friendly Mobile Apps Are Transforming Tourism
Published at November 16, 2023

Tourism is a huge industry, and many countries count on it to boost their economies. The growing trend of people spending 130% more on travel each year shows just how much people enjoy exploring new places. 

Now, with eco-friendly travel apps on your phone, booking trips and managing your travel has become incredibly easy. These apps are not only simplifying our travel experiences but also changing the way we do tourism. 

Going digital means we no longer have to use old-fashioned methods to book trips or struggle with language differences in a foreign country. Travellers are turning to eco-friendly mobile apps for assistance with various aspects, whether navigating a different culture, coping with homesickness, or more. 

In 2019, over one billion people used travel apps, and out of the 1.5 billion people travelling globally, more than 65% used their smartphones to book trips, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to tourism.

What are Eco-Friendly Travel Apps and what makes them different?

Eco-friendly travel apps are applications designed to promote sustainable and environmentally conscious travel practices. 

What sets them apart is their commitment to reducing the negative impact of tourism on the environment. Here are some key features that distinguish eco-friendly travel apps:

  1. Carbon Footprint Tracking: These apps often include features that allow users to track and understand the carbon footprint of their travel activities. This can include modes of transportation, accommodation choices, and daily activities, helping users make informed decisions to minimise their environmental impact.
  2. Green Accommodation Options: Eco-friendly travel apps typically provide information on accommodation options that follow environmentally friendly practices. This may include hotels, hostels, or alternative lodging that have adopted eco-friendly initiatives such as energy conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable sourcing.
  3. Public Transport Guidance: To encourage the use of public transportation, these apps may offer comprehensive guides and information on public transport systems in various destinations. This supports travellers in choosing sustainable transportation options over private vehicles.
  4. Local and Sustainable Dining Recommendations: Eco-friendly travel apps often highlight restaurants and eateries prioritising locally sourced, organic, and sustainable food options. This helps travellers make choices that support local communities and reduce the environmental impact of food consumption.
  5. Waste Reduction Tips: Some eco-friendly travel apps provide tips and guidelines on minimising waste generation during travel. This can include information on reducing single-use plastics, proper waste disposal, and supporting initiatives that promote a circular economy.
  6. Community Engagement: These apps may facilitate connections between travellers and local communities, promoting responsible tourism. This can include opportunities for cultural exchange, volunteering, or supporting local conservation efforts.
  7. Educational Resources: Eco-friendly travel apps often include educational materials to raise awareness about the environmental impact of travel. This can empower users to make environmentally conscious choices and contribute to sustainable tourism practices.

Sustainable Tourism Mobile Apps

Green travel app solutions offer a convenient way to travel sustainably. 

From eco-friendly stays to reducing car use and supporting local food, these apps help you make environmentally conscious choices while enjoying your journey.

Here are the top eco-friendly travel mobile apps for sustainable tourism:

1. Bikemap

Bikemap is a fantastic tool for eco-conscious travellers who prefer exploring on two wheels. This app provides a platform for discovering and planning cycling routes worldwide. 

With features like detailed maps, elevation profiles, and user reviews, Bikemap ensures that cyclists can navigate scenic and sustainable paths, promoting a greener way to explore new destinations.

2. Komoot

Komoot is a versatile travel app that caters to both eco-conscious hikers and cyclists. This app goes beyond standard route planning, offering detailed insights into outdoor adventures. 

With features like offline maps, route tracking, and user-generated recommendations, Komoot encourages users to explore nature sustainably, fostering a deeper connection with the environment while minimising the ecological impact of their journeys.

3. BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar revolutionises the way people travel by connecting drivers with empty seats to passengers heading in the same direction. This sustainable travel app encourages car-sharing, reducing the number of individual vehicles on the road. 

By optimising available space in cars, BlaBlaCar promotes cost-effective and environmentally friendly journeys, making it a go-to option for those seeking sustainable transportation alternatives.

4. HappyCow

HappyCow is a must-have for environmentally conscious foodies on the go. This app is dedicated to helping users find vegan, vegetarian, and environmentally friendly dining options worldwide. 

With a comprehensive database of restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores, HappyCow empowers travellers to make sustainable food choices while supporting businesses committed to a greener and cruelty-free lifestyle.

5. BookDifferent

BookDifferent is an innovative travel app committed to sustainable accommodation choices. This app empowers travellers to make eco-friendly decisions by providing information on environmentally conscious hotels worldwide. 

Users can easily compare accommodation options based on their sustainability practices, such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, and other green initiatives. 

BookDifferent encourages responsible tourism by helping users find and book stays that align with their commitment to a more sustainable travel experience.

6. FairTrip

FairTrip is a travel app designed for ethical explorers. This app is dedicated to connecting users with sustainable and responsible travel experiences. 

FairTrip provides a platform for discovering eco-friendly accommodations, ethical tours, and local businesses that prioritise social and environmental responsibility. 

By using FairTrip, travellers can make informed choices that positively impact the communities they visit, fostering a sense of responsible tourism and contributing to a more sustainable travel industry.

Wrapping Up

In the ever-expanding world of travel, where exploration meets responsibility, eco-friendly travel apps are becoming the catalysts for a sustainable tourism revolution. 

The growing trend of increased spending on travel reflects a collective desire to discover new places, and with the emergence of these green travel app solutions, making environmentally conscious choices has never been more accessible.

Optimising mobile apps for sustainable tourism is crucial for the continued success of this eco-conscious movement. VirtualSpirit, with our expert team, stands as a key player in shaping the future of sustainable travel. Contact us here for discussing your project. 

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