Important Things You Should Have in Mind When Building a Business Website
Published at December 08, 2017

Opening your company to the digital market can be very beneficial to your business operation. A business website can improve your cash flow and attract hundreds of new customers. Most corporate websites have similar pages, and if you want to build a website for your company, you should stick to the traditional structure most consumers understand.

After you create a website for your company, your job is far from being over. Business websites require constant maintenance and updates. This process can go in two ways. Entrepreneurs who want to save money build their company websites by themselves, while others would rather hire professionals for this task. Hiring a good web development company is the most secure and efficient way for equipping your enterprise with a suitable website that will serve as an entry point of your digital sales funnel.

The benefits business website brings, include larger sales funnel that targets people 24/7 and engages leads, prospects, and customers with blog posts. You can also add the catalog part and turn your page into a full-scale e-commerce operation. This way you will directly improve your sales and cash flow. Still, if you want to achieve some of these benefits, you will need to pay attention to the following criteria:

Choosing the right domain for a business website

Domain name is your website's brand and internet address. Selecting a domain name is one of the most important parts of the web development process. You need to choose a word that adequately describes your brand. Today it is very hard to find an available ‘.com' domain. Choosing ‘.net', ‘.co', ‘.biz', or ‘.org', if the ‘.com' domain is taken by your competitor, is a bad idea. You should rather choose some of the new unique domains like ‘.store', ‘.company', or ‘.trends'.

Create website layout and design

The website design should perfectly correspond with your industry, company's mission and the interests of your targeted audience. Apart from making your website attractive, the design should also simplify its use, navigation and user interface.

Build a website home page

This is the most important page on your website, primarily because for most visitors it represents the entrance gate to your website's content. If you want to decrease the page's bounce rate, you need to make it useful, informative and fun. The most interesting links and calls to action need to be in the right places, and the page design and copy should be attractive, interesting and readable.

Business website contact page

As a page that contains your contact information and allows visitors to communicate with your company, order products or search for support, this page is essential for your business's sales and for improving the loyalty of your customers. Most contact pages contain some form, where customers can input their messages, questions, and contact information.  You can also use the contact page to share your email address, phone number, or communication app accounts. 

Create website live chat or chat bot

Live chat is a much more advanced form of communication with website visitors. It allows them to contact you at any time and ask for information., order a product or ask for support. Live chat window is opening every time a visitor opens a specific (or any) page on your website.

Still, running a live chat help center 24/7 requires at least three employees who will work in two or three shifts. So, this is a significant investment for many rising companies and recently incorporated startups. Chat bots are the solution for this problem. They come in contact with customers and answer their questions automatically. With only one chat bot you can replace the whole support department with only one employee who will solve bugs and jump in, when users' insist on talking to a company representative. The latest chat bots can even run the purchasing process. Virtual Spirit develops fully customized chat bots that will relieve you from repetitive CS and sales tasks. 

Build a website blog

Blogs and content marketing, in general, are the trendiest and the most efficient forms of digital marketing. They help you to collect more leads by creating good-quality content. This way, the desired consumer groups end up on your website, when searching certain keywords on Google.

The organic reach content marketing creates is more valuable for the website's Google rating than any other form of reach, including the one that comes from social media marketing and AdWords commercials. You can create a blog by yourself, or you can find a professional copywriter or content creator for this task. Remember that blog shouldn't only contain articles. You are free to add other types of content including videos, photos, infographics and audio podcasts.

Search engine optimization for business website

In the digital world, the number of website visitors defines both your sales and your company’s cash flow. That is why you need to make your website more welcoming to visitors and search engine crawlers. Start from the on-page SEO. You need to add meta and alt tags to every page, post, and photo and base your articles on the most popular keywords. The website layout should be simple and easily accessible.

The off-page SEO  practices require you to promote your website on other websites, forums, and social media. Link building through guest posts is a very efficient way to post backlinks to other websites and blogs, and you should also promote your website content on social media.

If you need a perfectly crafted business website that will serve as an ideal starting point for conquering the digital market, contact Virtual Spirit development team and get the most competitive quotes and incredible web design and development ideas.




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