How to Use the Growing Popularity of Mobile Apps to Improve Your Business?
Published at December 06, 2017

Mobile apps are the conquering the world, together with the mobile internet. Until recently, they were only reserved for large corporations, but in the last couple of years, the price of mobile app development has decreased, and there are also platforms that allow you to create, test and sell your apps on Play Store and iTunes.

Today, even the small businesses invest money in mobile app development. This trend left many companies unprepared. So, the firms that don't have mobile apps are much less competitive. The fast growth of mobile internet redefined the market. Today, the companies' digital marketing strategy is not complete if they only base it on a single Facebook or Twitter account.

So the bottom line,  when it comes to mobile marketing is this: You need a mobile app, no matter what type of business you are running. The best way for you to acquire a custom mobile app is by hiring a professional developer. By contacting the Virtual Spirit, you are making sure that your app will run smoothly, have plenty of functionalities and a cute design. So call us, tell us your ideas, and we will make sure that you end up with a functional app that will grow your business.

If you want to save money and build a DIY mobile app, you should check out our guide for making mobile apps from scratch. We have also published a basic mobile app design guide. These guides will help you to create, test, launch and promote your app, but hiring a professional developer is still the most secure option.

The list of benefits a mobile app can bring to your business is endless. Start by listing the desired benefits and turning them into the list of objectives. If you don't have too many ideas, choose some of the incredible functionalities from our article about the benefits mobile apps bring.

Most companies opt for one of the four most common objectives: customer engagement, sales, promotion or support. In this article, we have listed some of the app trends and functionalities you can use for growing your business and speeding up the development of your company.

Mobile app development increases your visibility

Having a page dedicated to your business on Google Play Store or iTunes is a promotional success by itself. If you also manage to draw users to this page and make your app popular, your branding process will be much easier. Think about it. There are at least a billion smartphones on the planet. If you manage to cover only 1% with your app, that is 10 million people, who see your company logo, every time they look at their phone display.
Of course, apps that cover 1% of all mobile phones are insanely popular, and even if your app gets downloaded a thousand times, you can consider it successful.

Mobile apps give you information about your customers

Every mobile app scoops at least some data from the users’ phone. Depending on the app and its terms of use, it can collect anything from names and e mail addresses to social media posts and messages. Still, this functionality can be a slippery slope. You need to collect valuable information that will help your marketing strategy, but you shouldn't bring app users in danger. Data breaches happen all the time, so don't collect any payment information or other sensitive data that can be interesting to hackers.

Run a loyalty program through your mobile app

The biggest corporate players have transferred their loyalty programs from shops, websites and local papers to mobile apps a long time ago. This is the easiest way to allow your customers to collect points and get rewards. Loyalty programs will attach consumers to your company and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Mobile apps make your business recognizable

No matter how big is your business, you will drastically increase its popularity and sales, by releasing a popular app. Add mesmerizing features to your app and delight your audience with incredibly practical functionalities. Not all app features need to direct users to sales and offers. The purpose of some of the functionalities can be purely promotional. This way, you will attract more consumers from different walks of life, and your app will be much less commercial.

Increase customer engagement with mobile app development

The mobile app development can drastically increase your customer engagement. Don’t forget that mobile apps allow your customers to contact you 24/7. They can do that with just a few clicks, which makes your company sales funnel wide open for new leads. Accept enabling the reach, mobile apps are also improving your conversion on the long run. You can use them to send push notifications and notify your customers about the latest sales and promotions.

Turn your mobile app into a social platform

Many mobile apps are growing popular among broad user communities. This gives them the functionality of a proper social platform. The platform you can use for promoting your products and services, as well as supporting your marketing strategy and business in general in many different ways. Many mobile apps outgrow the companies that have created them and become more profitable than the company's original business.

There is no doubt that a mobile app will drastically improve your business development. By hiring professional developers, you will be able to use all the benefits of mobile apps and create a solid marketing strategy around your new app release. If you want to find out more about the mobile apps that can be a perfect addition to your business, check out our portfolio page.

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