Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Agency?
Published at November 23, 2017

Freelance web designers are often more affordable than web design agencies. Since freelancers usually work alone, hiring them is not as secure as hiring the proper web design agency that provides guarantees for its work.

Still, even with good web design firms, you need to conduct an elaborate research and negotiate to get the most competitive prices and the best value for money. The good thing is that the market has never been more competitive, so the prices of web design services are the lowest in history.

Before you start interviewing the best candidates, you need to learn the web design services basics and write down the questions. That is why we decided to create a list of the most important questions you should ask web design agencies, before hiring them. These questions will help you to accurately define the design package  and get the best deals.

Has your web design agency worked with websites from … niche?

Some niche-specific websites can be hard to design. For example, if you are a retailer who uses a website as the main commerce portal, you will need payment functionality, secure protocols, beautiful product pages, best possible navigation and precise analysis tools. If you want to build a website with WordPress platform, WooCommerce plugin will cover most of these functionalities, but designer still needs to create easy-to-use navigation and good-looking interface. So, always choose a web design agency that has already worked with websites in your niche.

How do you charge web design services?

When communicating with web design company, you should abstain from mentioning the price during the first negotiation phase. Start from inquiring about the contents of their service packages and their portfolio. Later, you can ask them about the price and how does it correspond with the service package they will provide. Some web designers charge their services by the page, or by the hour. You should always look for agencies that will give you a full price that covers the whole project, no matter how time-consuming or complex it may be.

What is your most affordable web design package?

If your funds are limited, you should be open about it from the start. Explain your position to the web design firm and most well-versed business people will always meet you half way. Ask them about the most basic design package and try to add up as many free web design services to it as possible.

Can you give me the list of employees who are in charge of the web design services I want to order?

Web design firms usually employ experienced and knowledgeable designers, but since this is a very popular niche, top-quality talents are hard to find. That is why many agencies hire students, recent graduates, and self-taught designers without too much work experience. You should check each member of the team the web design firm wants to assign to your project to. Start from Google Search and try to find their website or an online portfolio. Also, check their LinkedIn profiles, to find out more about their work experience. Last, but not least, you should check web designers' Behance and Dribble profiles, as well as the products they have uploaded to the online marketplaces like ThemeForest

Do your web design firm keeps the designs’ copyright?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask every designer or a web developer. Agencies that hold copyright on their designs should be avoided at all cost. Hiring one of these firms can be very costly in the long run, especially if they allow you to use their designs for a limited period. Later they can charge you more money, and send cease and desist letters or even file a lawsuit if you don't pay them.

Can I contact some of the previous clients from your web design agency portfolio?

Most people who want to hire a web design agency, base their decision on the thickness of its professional portfolio. Keep in mind that companies only add their best projects to their portfolio, and they usually have at least a few dozen other lower quality designs. The best way to check both web design skills and personal traits of the web design agency 's team members is by contacting some of the clients that have worked with them before. You can do this without their knowledge, but you should always be as fair and transparent as possible.  When contacting previous clients, don't only focus on the questions about the agency's design skills. Ask them also about other business traits, like time management, communication, problem-solving, etc. 

If the agency hasn't left a good impression on some of their previous clients, don't ditch it right away. Always give agency's representatives the chance to explain the situation and tell their opinion about the customer's review.

Which web design services do you recommend me to order? 

When you meet the web design agency personnel, live or on Skype, explain them your project and ask them for an honest opinion. Ask them which web design services would they recommend. If they try to sell you the most expensive package that is too big for your project, delete the agency from your shortlist. Honesty and fair play are essential in web design and development projects, so focus only on the firms that give your realistic propositions and the ones that can easily deliver the services they sell. 

Your search for the perfect web design agency can last longer than you may think. Choosing a good web designer is a critical step for companies that are planning to enter the digital market. We at Virtual Spirit know this, and we provide our clients only with the web design services that will improve their business operation. Share your ideas with us, and we will create an offer that perfectly matches your needs and budget.

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