What Should You Do After You Create Your Own App?
Published at November 04, 2017

Mobile internet is conquering the world.  If you are one of the entrepreneurs who has realized how many benefits mobile apps can bring to your business operation, you probably tried to create your mobile app and target the millions of mobile users. 

We always advise entrepreneurs who are not professional developers, or don't have a mobile app developer in their team to hire professionals for building a mobile app that is customized for your company’s needs. Still, even if you have created your mobile app yourself, using our development guide, you still need to work a lot before you see the first business results.

A mobile app can't improve your sales, marketing and cash flow instantly after the release. You first need to promote it and let the people know that your app is out. In this article we are going to explain the basic steps you need to take, after launching the app, to make it functional and to efficiently target the desired audience. 

What should you do right after you create your mobile app?

After creating an app, you should jump to planning. You first need to offer the app on one of the popular stores, but before doing that, you should fully plan the apps' promotion strategy. Start with…

Deciding whether the app will be free or paid

There are two based pricing models you can implement in the mobile app business. You can charge your app's downloads and turn that into one of the primary revenue sources for developing your business, or you can offer the app for free and use it for improving your company's sales, marketing, and customer service.

This choice mainly depends on whether your app is a finished product, or it is just a shortcut to the goods and services your company is offering. Also, take into consideration the money you have invested in the app's development and returns you are expecting. If you decide to charge your mobile app, you need to determine an optimal price, that will be affordable to the targeted consumers.
Create your app ‘s marketing plan

There are many ways how you can promote your mobile app. To make this marketing effort successful and efficient, you need to develop a promotional plan that will include all channels, techniques, and keywords. The plan should also define your audience. Sometimes you will need to create separate buyer personas and carefully describe the needs, wishes and behavior of the consumers you plan to target. 

When promoting a mobile app, you don't need to stick to the digital marketing channels. Many traditional marketing channels and techniques can be very efficient, especially if your targeted audience doesn't hang online too much. This includes TV and radio commercials, billboards, banners and various guerrilla marketing techniques like giving out leaflets, painting murals, etc.
Create your mobile app ‘s sales pitch

After you have defined your audience, channels, and the keywords you will use, it is time to create a nice-sounding sales pitch that will emphasize your app's qualities and motivate consumers to download it. Sales pitch should be uploaded to your app's store page. If you are not good at writing these short promotional pieces, hire a professional copywriter, to do it for you.

Build a one-page website for your app

Advertising your app on the store is not enough for making it attractive to users. You need to add at least one more promotional channel. While most people chose social media, you will get the best results if you also build a one-page website that explains the benefits and functionalities of your app and offers the link for the download.

One-page websites are very easy to make. You can use website builders, or you can create a simple WordPress page. Although a little bit more complicated, the WordPress option is better because you won’t need to pay monthly fees. If you are completely ignorant when it comes to website development, you can always hire a professional web developer for this task.

Create your app ‘s social media campaign

Social media is a fundamental channel for the mobile app promotion. People often search for interesting and useful content on the pages of their favorite brands. That is why you should extensively use your pages and social media accounts for promoting the app. When explaining the app's features on social media, don't hesitate to post various content forms. The posts that tell the story of your app should include articles, videos, photos, and infographics.
Create tutorials

No matter how smooth your apps use is, you still need to explain all of its features and their use with a tutorial. You can make the tutorial articles, and equip them with graphics and screenshots to make them easily understandable and colorful. Still, no matter how much color and images you add to the textual article, the video tutorial will always be more efficient. That is why you should always invest some money in creating an interesting and useful video tutorial.

Think about influencer marketing

Influencer marketing can be convenient in some niches. If you don't have the money to hire an influencer agency, consider contacting influencers yourself. Your goal is to present them your app, persuade them it is the program that will disrupt the market and provide many new benefits to the users.

Since today there are dozens of influencers in each niche, you can easily find the right candidates. The easiest way to reach them and acquire their services would be to sign a sponsor agreement, donate money to their project or order a paid post on their website. Still, if you have a good-quality product, just allow them to download it for free and provide them with a premium account. If they like your product influencers will share it on their blog or social media timeline.

Other than providing fully customized mobile app development services, Virtual Spirit also helps its clients to promote, sell, maintain and update their apps. So, if you want to get a full bundled service package, contact our sales representatives to receive a quote for your project.

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