What Should You Do After Your Create Your Website?
Published at November 03, 2017

Website is still the most efficient marketing channel. You can equip it with a long list of functionalities that can improve your sales and turn a small business into a big corporate enterprise. Although hiring a professional web developer is the best way to get a good looking and functional web presentation for your business, if you decided to create a DIY website, it can still serve as great sales funnel.

Before you create a website for your company, read our web development guide and check out some of the best web design solutions for different business niches. The creation process can be long and tiresome. Still, even after you finish, you won't have a lot of time to enjoy your triumph. There are dozens of issues you need to deal with before your website becomes a fully operative marketing channel.

In this article, we have decided to share some of the most urgent tasks you need to do after you have built your website.

Create your website basics

You have just finished developing, writing and designing your website's pages, but before you start promoting your new web presentation, you will need to create some of the essential functions. These include:

Connect your website to the analytics app of your choice

Website analytics is the most important data your website provides. It will help you to determine the web page's efficiency and conversion rate and find ways to increase the number of visitors and the buyers who complete the checkout process. There are many paid and free analytic apps you can choose. Google Analytics is the most popular one, and it is a perfect choice for beginner webmasters. It is also straightforward when it comes to setup process. You just need to place a special code on the pages you want to track.

Create your website email address

Before creating social media accounts, you need to assign your website with the most basic form of communication. Most domain names and hosting packages come with one or few email addresses that you can use for communicating with your audience. You should activate the email address in the cpanel and it can be handy for accepting orders and complaints from your customers. To make the email communication more transparent you can redirect the website emails to your Gmail or Hotmail account. The website's email should also be used as the address for delivering the information that website visitors leave in the page forms.

Add it to the Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a handy app that allows you to test your website and see it in the same way as Google crawlers. Adding the site to a Search Console is easy, and you can find a full guide on this link. Thie Google app will also inform you if there are some problems with searching or browsing your new website.

Promote your website with great content

When it comes to website promotion, content is the king. This includes both site content posted on the company blog, as well as the social media content that directly communicates with your targeted audience.
Create website blog and add content

Start your content and social media marketing operation by setting up a blog and adding it to your site pages. There you need to post content that will incorporate the keywords you have used when creating website pages, and many new short and long tail keywords you were planning to target. On the new blog, you shouldn't only post articles and textual content. Make it more interesting with infographics, original photos, videos, audio podcasts and other content forms.

Share your website content on social media

Each blog post from your website, needs to be shared across your social media accounts. When you are making these accounts, choose the platforms that are frequently visited by the audience you are planning to target. Apart from links to your blog posts, also upload other forms of content to your social media accounts and (at least in the first phases of your company development), promote your pages with paid advertising and sponsored posts.
Create website SEO strategy

Search engine optimization is one of the most important tasks, for every webmaster who wants to bring more people to their online presentation. Apart from adding great content, you will also need to work on on-page and off-page SEO and link building.

Add an SEO plugin or module

On-page SEO can be a very complex process, but you can fully automate it with the help of various SEO plugins and modules. They check each post or page you add to your website and inform you about their readability and the effectiveness of their tags, snippets, layout, the keyword density, etc. Yoast SEO is the most popular free SEO plugin for WordPress and other content management systems like Drupal, for example, offer their modules and apps with similar functionalities.

Find more keywords

Although keywords are not as important as they have used to be, they can still attract new visitors to your website and engage them with the right choice of words. Apart from the keywords, you have already used to create your site pages, add at least a few dozen more that you will incorporate into your blog posts. Try focusing on long-tail keywords and answering specific issues your customers might be dealing with.

Look for guest post opportunities

The off-page SEO is equally important as the on-page search engine optimization processes. It includes social media marketing, sharing the backlinks to your website on review platforms and other forms of link building like guest posting for example. Writing for other websites and publishing articles in the form of guest posts is a great way to place your website link on the niche-specific authority platforms and show off your expertise to the audience.  You can read more about the guide to guest posting via this link.

If you don't have the time or expertise to deal with these tasks, Virtual Spirit will create a website for you, fix you up with a solid SEO and content plans and teach you how to use and promote your website and make it more attractive to the targeted audience. Contact our customer representatives and enter the digital market in a big way. 

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