Why React is awesome for front-end development
Published at December 25, 2019

React is a leading front-end development tool developed by Facebook and its community. Keep in mind that it’s a library, not a framework. React, a component-based library lets you develop rich UIs.

React is a very popular library. Take a look at the following chart to see how its popularity has increased over the last 5 years.

Great companies that are using React are Facebook, Khan Academy, Dropbox, IMDb, Airbnb, and so on. This post explains why React is awesome for front-end development.

React is easy to learn

One of the main reasons why React is awesome for front-end development is that it’s easy to learn. React is a very simple library. Because of its simplicity, it’s always easy to master this tool. And as there are a huge number of useful React tutorials available online, it has been easier to learn this library. There are a great number of video tutorials that will help you quickly learn this technology.

React increases developers’ productivity

Another reason why React is awesome for front-end development is that it increases developers’ productivity. Developer’s productivity is extremely important. Everyone wants to achieve so much in less time. Actually, if you cannot be productive enough, you will lag behind while your competitors will make so much more progress than you. And if you’re not that much productive, it will take you so much time to reach a certain goal.

As you can reuse system components in a React project, you can complete your project very fast. This component-based technology speeds up the development process through its components. The inbuilt components let you finish your projects faster.

Easy migration

Migrating from an older version of React to a newer version is easy. As React provides easy migration, it saves you a lot of time.

There are many frameworks and libraries that do not support easy migration which causes so much headache for the developers, they simply waste time and energy of the people involved in the project.

Fast rendering

React is a great front-end development library. One of the reasons is that it provides you with fast rendering. Fast rendering ensures great app performance and good user experience. In a React project, you will work with a virtual DOM which makes React an ideal choice for front-end development for many great companies, startups, and individual developers.

Useful React tools

One main reason why React is awesome for front-end development is that you have several useful React tools available at your hand when you’re working on a React project. This does not just make the development process easier and speed up the work, it also increases the quality of your web app.

The debugging tools available for React are very helpful. Using them, you can quickly find errors and fix them. The browser extension called React Developer Tools is an awesome and very useful extension for React development.

Mobile app development with React Native

React is a frontend development library. But if you know React well, you can quickly learn React Native too, using which you can build mobile apps for different mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS.

So by spending some time learning React Native, you can build mobile apps. And if you already have some experience working with React, learning React Native won’t take much time.

It has a strong community support

Strong community support makes React awesome. There are many developers that are working on React to make it a better library for front-end development. Its GitHub page shows that it has 1,294 contributors, as of writing this blog post.

Many people are also supporting by writing React tutorials and blog posts about it. So you’re getting support from the community of developers in several ways. As of writing this post, when you search for “react tutorial” on Google, you get 9,23,00,000 search results.

These are the main reasons why React is awesome for front-end development. There are many other reasons why it’s a great tool. For instance, React is SEO friendly, meaning a web page that uses React will not have any troubles getting ranked in search engines like Google. Stability of React code is also a great advantage.


This blog post explained in short why React is awesome for front-end web development. This post talked only about the benefits of this library. But there are some drawbacks of using this tool, too. To mention a few cons, setting up a React project requires a lot of time, it’s kind of difficult. The official React documentation is hard for beginner learners, and to learn how to integrate UI into MVC is also not easy.

Although there are a few drawbacks, the benefits of using React obviously outweigh the disadvantages. So overall, the React library is an awesome library.

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