EVC Charge point and EV station finder app

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The Project

Availability of charging infrastructure support is one of the major concerns for electric car buyers and owners. Even for people living in major cities, it is a hassle to find reliable charging points near their homes, offices, or shopping centers. EVC app aims to help in finding a solution to this problem.

The CEO of EVC came to us with the brilliant idea of giving users the flexibility to choose between various charge point operators. They needed an app with all the useful features and an easy and reliable user interface.

The Challenge

We were impressed by the idea presented by the EVC team. The user will only need to enter the car manufacturer and model details and the app will be able to identify the nearest charging point for that particular car.

We planned to build a fast and easy to use app. However, we did not want to limit its features to basic functionalities. So we added a bunch of other useful stuffs without even slightly compromising its original simplicity.

The Solution

To give the users the best experience possible, we had to make sure a smooth real-time synchronization exists between devices and charging points. Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers that relay information over packet-switched, solved the problem of updating real-time data about charging point availability.

But we could not just stop after solving these basic challenges. So we aimed to modernize the app with the smart charging facility where the user can just hold the phone near the card reader to start charging the car.

The User Interface
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The Results

EVC is now a fully functional app that lets you search for charging stations in real time and reserve them in advance. It helps you discover the nearest charging station spots and provides information about their availability, and the exact location. It shares details regarding the per unit charges at the station and charging socket capacity that is available. It incorporates the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) which doesn’t make you reliant on a single charge point operator but instead gives you flexibility and lets you choose between various charge point operators. This makes you less vulnerable to individual operators shutting down and gives you the benefit of competitive pricing and servicing.

The app also allows you to store details of more than one car and let you switch between them easily. You can find most of the functionalities in the hamburger menu at the top left corner of the app.

It also allows the user to pay for their reservation and rate the EV station. The app tracks and summarizes your charging activity to help you monitor your car performance. It notifies you when your car is fully charged and sends you reminders when the car requires charging.

And of course, the smart charging facility remains as a simple, modern and useful feature.

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