Virtual Tenant Representative (VTR)

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The Project

It is the first commission-free real estate service platform created for and powered by small business owners. Virtual Tenant Representative was designed to unite small business Tenants and Landlords. VTR aims to unite, empower and reward its members. VTR provides educational opportunities, facilitates site selection, negotiation, and lease management for small business owner real estate. Their mission is to remove barriers and red tape that slow down the real estate process for both small business Tenants and Landlords.

The Challenge

VTR provides independent Landlords, and service providers from very diverse backgrounds with a platform to exhibit their properties which are ready to be rented. VTR encourages them to connect directly with tons of users around the United States of America. Hence, removing the complexity of administrative documents such as contract agreements, property detail, service detail, etc is the problem that needs to be solved.

The Solution

The entire process of developing the VTR web platform started with taking a look at the services they were providing offline and then brainstorming ways to streamline and expand their online visibility. We ran intensive meetings with the professionals at VirtualSpirit and with the user in which we came up with a plan to build a database with many capabilities, implement a secure and seamless transaction system and optimise the backend for more services as they expand.

We implemented an optimised distributed server system that could scale up seamlessly and support new services. After experimenting with many options, we decided to utilise the popular AWS infrastructure.

We had already calculated that we will have to expand our UI to accommodate more menus and options for VTR to take advantage of all the features in the front end. With the help of our UI team, we can prototype a variety of interface designs which have already been discussed intensively. We collected input on our designs from current and new users (landlords, tenants, and professional service providers). Page loading time and pipeline efficiency were considered important and ultimately we optimised all for the best user experience at every level.

The Results

Our team's commitment and enthusiasm are what brings out the best in everyone participating in the process. We developed a platform that connected tenants, landlords, and professional service providers. Additionally, transparency and reaching every area of the target audience are crucial for service providers who rent out space or offer professional services. The creators of VTR absolutely adored it, and we had a great time making it.

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