The Project

MomCare is an award-winning mobile application designed to help pregnant women throughout their journey. 

It provides a comprehensive range of pregnancy-related information, including updates on foetal development, dietary and exercise recommendations, shopping options for mother and baby, and the ability to schedule appointments with medical professionals. 

The app also includes a reminder feature to help expectant mothers adhere to their personalised plans, such as taking supplements and attending medical appointments. Furthermore, it allows users to monitor their monthly menstrual cycles.

The Challenge

MomCare approached us with the challenge of creating a mobile application that would enable expectant mothers to track their health metrics, such as weight and blood pressure, to gain valuable insights into their well-being. 

The app also needed to include a feature for monitoring menstrual cycles. 

As a team experienced in mobile app development and committed to long-term sustainability, we were excited to collaborate with MomCare in leveraging technology to simplify the pregnancy journey for expectant mothers.

The Solution

The MomCare mobile app goes beyond monitoring foetal development; it is designed to provide continuous support to expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy. 

One of the key features is a flexible point-based reward system that allows users to exchange points for essential products for themselves and their babies. This incentivizes expectant mothers to engage with the app and take an active role in managing their pregnancy journey.

In addition to product rewards, the app's reward points can also be redeemed for consultations with preferred medical professionals. 

Users can obtain vouchers through point exchanges, enhancing the app's usefulness and empowering expectant mothers to make informed decisions about their health and the well-being of their babies.

The Results

The app's user-friendly design and intuitive navigation have made it easy for expectant mothers to access the necessary information and resources. The homepage serves as a central hub, providing quick access to essential features such as the calendar, point tracker, and various categories related to mother and baby parameters, kick counter, contraction counter, rewards, lifestyle, clinic, medical articles, reports, and deals.

The MomCare app's community page has fostered connections among users, allowing them to share personal experiences, learn from others' journeys, and engage in conversations about pregnancy and motherhood. 

The Journey feature enables users to document their pregnancy through photos and captions, creating a sense of community and support.

The calendar section has streamlined scheduling for expectant mothers, with distinct categories like "Today," "Special Reminder," and "My Reminder" to help manage appointments and activities efficiently.

MomCare has successfully provided expectant mothers with a comprehensive and user-friendly mobile application, supporting them throughout their pregnancy journey and empowering them to make informed choices for their health and the well-being of their babies.

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