The Role of Virtual Assistant in the Real Estate Industry
Published at December 19, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on almost every business. It also affected the digital transformation in the real estate industry.

Real estate agents have an exciting chance to take advantage of this market and make benefits thanks to the massive migration that the pandemic has sparked. However, it can be challenging if you don't have access to virtual assistant services.

To manage your back-office tasks while you concentrate on growing your real estate business, you specifically need a virtual assistant service.

The definition of a Virtual Assistant

According to Indeed, virtual assistants work as independent administrative contractors. Most of the time, they help with office management tasks, but they can also assist with a range of content, social, design, marketing, and other media-related business tasks.

While in the real estate industry, a real estate virtual assistant (VA) is a specific resource who manages routine company tasks like cold contacting, lead generation, tracking finances, website building, marketing, and database maintenance, according to Office Beacon.

They operate remotely and contribute their knowledge to assist you to concentrate on essential duties while they manage the show in the background.

The benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Having a virtual assistant in your real estate business can create a great impact. Here are some of the benefits of a virtual assistant.

1. Time efficiency

We know that “time is money”, it indicates how time can be a precious thing in many aspects. Especially when you want to do many things that matter the most for your business, hence, time efficiency must be your number one priority.

Managing time so it can be efficient in your business may be a challenging part to do. For example, while going entirely remote, your business may need to look into and select a high-quality piece of customer support technology. It will save time and free up your employees to work on other projects if you hire a virtual assistant with the necessary knowledge to undertake this study.

Additionally, it ensures that a qualified employee will complete the assignment more quickly.

2. Resource distribution

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant gives you the ability to delegate resources, which is related to the power of virtual assistants to save time. For example, hiring a virtual assistant is easier than using standard Human Resource systems, which enables you to redirect human and other resources to activities that are more important. By easing their burdens, staff can concentrate on their work and keep projects on schedule.

A virtual assistant for real estate frequently focuses on a certain industry and uses that expertise to help you stand out from the competition. They are an invaluable resource due to their exposure to a variety of clientele and quick ability to adjust to shifting goals.

3. Improve productivity

A real estate virtual assistant provides you with a few extra hours to complete the things you had previously put off. This improves productivity and enables you to concentrate on the requirements and expectations of your clients.

Because they can concentrate their efforts on fewer tasks, both your staff and virtual assistants can generate high-quality work.

4. Scope of Scalability

You may think about expanding by having the ability to prioritise tasks and assign them to others carefully. But when you get bigger, you need a more excellent team to match. You can achieve this goal of growing your size with considerably less risk if you hire virtual assistants.

Real estate virtual assistants serve as an extra set of hands to complete tasks on schedule and without draining your savings account.

How does a Virtual Assistant work?

A virtual assistant can help you invest in real estate by providing a personalised service to help with your real estate needs. A virtual assistant can provide support and guidance that will help you make informed decisions about purchasing or selling property by providing a user-friendly interface and following up with you regularly.

Further, a virtual assistant can also help you buy and sell real estate by providing an easy-to-use web app or mobile app platform for buying and selling properties. By using a variety of tools, such as an online search engine or a map, virtual assistants can provide a detailed overview of the available properties in your area.

Additionally, by using social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, a virtual assistant can keep you well-connected with potential sellers and buyers in order to facilitate purchases or sales.

Managing a Virtual Assistant in real estate

Virtual assistant companies have methods and procedures that ensure perfect performance, with quality control at every stage. They have devoted team leaders and project managers that can manage the remote employees and control their output and performance relative to the established KPIs.

Further, real estate agents also can outsource the task to freelance services and manage them utilising the most recent productivity and communication solutions. You must first evaluate their qualities before working with them.

There are some tools that can help you manage teamwork with virtual assistants. Here are some tools to manage tasks and teams that you can try:

1. Google Suite

Google Suite allows you to work together with your virtual assistant on Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides, among other Google Drive applications, on this cost-effective platform. You may build business emails and a team calendar with G Suite.

2. Zoom

Zoom is a simple-to-use desktop platform and app for organising, starting, and recording online meetings. There are many ways for your virtual assistant to join these sessions, including through a computer, dial-in phone, or smartphone.

3. VirtualSpace

VirtualSpace is a collaboration and project management tool that helps you manage the work with your virtual assistants. It allows you to do communication, progress tracking and note-taking.


The future of real estate is likely to be dominated by virtual assistants. By implementing a well-planned and executed promotional strategy, virtual assistants can help you in real estate and manage your Real Estate.

Virtual assistant services can be a must-try if you want to achieve your long-term revenue objectives due to their plethora of advantages. To capitalise on the digital transformation in your industry, real estate professionals can learn from the early adopters of the technique and outsource their back-office tasks.

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