2023 Web Development Predictions: The Top 7 Trends to Watch
Published at January 16, 2023

Web development trends are continually changing and adjusting to the demands of contemporary users as technology develops and expands. These trends will be particularly crucial in 2023 as businesses explore ways to stay ahead of their peers.

To ensure that your website stands out from the competition in a market that is still expanding, it is crucial to keep up with the most recent developments.

Web design entails creating the features and functioning of websites and apps, while web development goes hand in hand. The word “web development” is frequently used in a broad sense that encompasses both the creation and programming of websites and apps and website design.

One article from the Department of Statistics Malaysia Official Portal showed that in Malaysia, participating in social networks, which accounted for 99.0% of internet usage in 2021, was followed by downloading images, videos, or music (91.8%).

Further, playing or downloading games (89.4%), learning about products or services (89.2%), making phone calls over the internet or VoIP (89.2%), and downloading software or applications (86.3%).

Those numbers give rise to keeping up the web development for users. Hence, here are the predictions for web development trends that will be game-changers in 2023.

Web Development Trends 2023

1. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

According to HubSpot, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are not a new concept, but their most recent iteration will end the use of web apps. PWAs make websites load quickly and function offline via programmes like Google Maps.

For a better user experience, businesses like Starbucks, Uber, Pinterest, and Twitter employ PWAs; in 2023, many more will begin to follow the pace.

Without considering tablets, mobile devices accounted for more than 58% of all international web traffic in the second quarter of 2022. It has never been more critical to transform web applications into PWAs given the rise in the use of smartphones and tablets for various online functions.

The web development languages that will be used to create PWAs in 2023 are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, WebAssembly, or Angular.

2. “Dark Mode” for users

Are you one of the users that love to scroll your apps using dark mode? Well, many users love to browse the web and use apps in “Dark Mode”, at least at night, as they find it to be considerably softer on their eyes.

Users of recent Android and iOS can switch between "light" and "dark" modes with the touch of a button.

“Night Mode” automatically activates dark mode at a certain time in the evening and disables it again in the morning. Many popular websites and applications, including all the leading social media apps, now include a dark mode skin.

3. AI Chatbots

ChatGPT AI (Artificial Intelligent) is becoming viral lately. Besides, we have all seen news stories about technology companies laying off workers and relying more and more on automation to manage routine customer interactions.

Chatbots were typically designed with pre-selected questions and answers to help a subset of a website's user base in finding solutions to straightforward issues before referring them to a human.

While this straightforward artificial intelligence technology is helpful in the user's intended purpose, many people rely on them more and more to handle a growing number of tasks, interactions, and escalations.

The use of chatbots and machine intelligence to improve customer service across the web will significantly rise in 2023. Chatbots with AI capabilities will facilitate quicker decision-making and interface navigation.

4. Page Speed optimisation

Due to its potential effects on search engine rankings, customer happiness, and conversion rates, page speed is a critical component of the success of your website. You may need a new website if your current one needs to be more responsive and fast.

The accelerated mobile page (AMP), first introduced by Google in 2015, offers mobile users super digital experiences. Google's AMP can enhance essential business KPIs in addition to providing smooth user experiences and lowering bounce rates. Even more significant than the number of conversions on web pages might be these indicators.

5. Voice Search optimisation

The voice recognition market will increase in the following years, which means that the range of web development and the entire digital sector will continue to be impacted by this trend.

Duolingo is one of the more well-known uses of voice recognition in web design. The web application for Duolingo uses an AI speech recognition system to help users increase their pronunciation and fluency.

As more people rely on talk-to-text to engage with their devices, web developers should pay close attention to how voice search queries affect organic search results.

6. Mobile-first design

According to The Drum, mobile accounts for 65% of all e-commerce traffic. Hence, the anticipated web design and development will be designed to better accommodate this trend, abandoning the drab cookie-cutter templates that have proliferated in every major CMS or website builder out there.

The search results depend on the location, device type, and other logged-in services the users’ using. However, the internet becomes even more user-friendly.

For example, when a customer passes a brick-and-mortar store, a push notification can be sent to their phone to give them an exclusive deal or a link to their website, combining digital and physical marketing.

7. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity involves internet-connected systems, including their hardware, software, and data is cybersecurity. When creating web apps, maintaining cybersecurity is crucial.

Cybersecurity web development is continually evolving, as well. While cybercriminals are getting better at developing unique and sophisticated attack plans.

No matter how expertly website developers create it, hackers always manage to find a way in. This is why having a robust cybersecurity system is crucial.

Website development has changed in response to the distressing rise in cybercrimes to simplify the protection of client and company data. Patch management, security innovation and application-based multi-factor authentication, such as Google Authenticator (SOC) are already on the rise.

Wrapping up

Web development trends in 2023 will continue to change and evolve. As technology advances, your business must keep up with the latest web development trends to stay competitive.

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