How Can Ruby on Rails Improve Your Business?
Published at March 08, 2023

If you are in the development of the web applications world, you may see Ruby on Rails (RoR) as a programming framework that is still popular now. This open-source framework is based on the Ruby programming language and has been used to build the most visited websites such as Airbnb, Github, and Shopify.

There are 1.071.057 active Ruby on Rails websites, and 7.4% of the top 10,000 websites use Ruby on Rails software development right now. One reason for its popularity is the large and active community of developers contributing to its development and sharing their knowledge and experience.

Rails and have been released in 2023 and it is going to improve ahead of course. Interested? Let’s take a look at the definition of Ruby on Rails and how it improves your business.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a popular web application framework, it was first released in 2005 and has since gained popularity due to its ease of use, flexibility, and scalability. It is an open-source framework that is written on Ruby language programming.

Further, Ruby on Rails follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, which separates the application into three components:

  • The model: It handles database and business logic.
  • The views: It handles the user interface.
  • The controller: It handles requests and manages the data flow between the model and the view.

In short, this separation allows for better organisations and easier maintenance of web applications.

How Ruby on Rails can improve your business

1. Faster development

If you use RoR to help your business develop your web applications, you may see how it has faster development time.

Ruby on Rails can build applications 30%-40% faster than other popular frameworks. Thus, the business can get its products and services to market more quickly, giving them a competitive benefit. For example, VirtualSpace, a project management software, was built using Ruby on Rails.

2. Scalability and performance

Ruby on Rails with its scalability is one of the popular reasons for businesses that need to handle large traffic volumes without the lack of performance. Ruby on Rails app development agency keen on the framework for its scalability.

The frameworks offer object-oriented programming, and multi-platform development on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also gives smooth integration with AngularJS. RoR is still improving and frequently updated.

For an example of RoR scalability, Shopify uses Ruby on Rails to handle its high-traffic website. In 2020, Shopify reported having over one million merchants on their platform and processing over $120 billion in sales.

3. Security

Security is an important aspect of any web and mobile application. Ruby on Rails has some built-in security features that help businesses secure their web applications. You must know about Ruby on Rails guides on securing Rails applications.

For example, Github, a code hosting platform, was built using Ruby on Rails. GitHub has some security features such as two-factor authentication, OAuth, and HTTPS, which is also built using Ruby on Rails.

4. Flexibility

Ruby on Rails is a flexible framework that allows businesses to create custom solutions that meet their specific needs.

Rails provide several built-in tools and libraries that can be used to build custom features and functionality that can help businesses stand out from the competition.

For example, Airbnb uses Ruby on Rails to build custom features such as search filters, map integration, and messaging system for users' needs.

5. Budget-friendly

Using Ruby on Rails can be cost-effective for businesses as it reduces development time and provides a flexible architecture.

RoR has active and large community developers who share their knowledge and experience. Hence you can easily find solutions to common problems. Besides that, your business can save money on development costs, so you can focus on growing your business.

6. Competent Developer

There are many agencies now that utilise Ruby on Rails as their tech stack. They can ensure that you will have skilled professional experts that can build high-quality web applications or mobile applications that meet the needs of your business.

Besides that, there are 7.4% competent Ruby on Rails developers that will scale up your applications, and the number is still growing. This can also lead to faster time-to-market for your applications, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

It’s safe to say that a competent Ruby on Rails developer can have a positive impact on the growth and success of your business.

Businesses that can benefit from Ruby on Rails

1. Startups

Using Ruby on Rails enables startups to build a high-quality and scalable web applications. Its convention over configuration approach enables developers to write code faster and with fewer errors, making it a great choice for start-ups looking to get their products to market quickly.

2. eCommerce

Ruby on Rails can be an excellent choice for e-commerce businesses as it can handle high volumes of transactions and orders. It allows for the creation of online marketplaces and storefronts with features such as inventory management, shopping cart functionality, and payment processing.

3. Social Networking

Ruby on Rails can manage significant volumes of data and user interactions, which makes it suitable for social networking and media-sharing websites. It can be used to build platforms for sharing videos, images, and other media, as well as social networks with features like user profiles, messaging, and activity feeds, Dribble is one of the social networking platforms that use Ruby on Rails.

4. Content Management Systems

Ruby on Rails is an excellent idea if you want to build a Content Management System (CMS). Because it has scalability and performance that can simplify the web application or website. RoR makes the design more flexible and easier to use.

5. Healthcare and Finance

The healthcare and finance industries can benefit from using Ruby on Rails for their web applications. Ruby on Rails can help build secure and scalable applications for electronic medical records (EMR) and financial management tools. It can also be used to build portals for insurance companies and financial institutions.

Wrapping Up

Ruby on Rails is a powerful web application framework that can improve your business in several ways.

Rails can help you develop your web application faster, scale to handle high traffic, keep your application secure, provide flexibility to meet your specific needs, and save you money in development costs.

With these benefits, Ruby on Rails is an excellent choice for businesses looking to create high-quality web and mobile applications.

Your decision as a business owner is dependent on you because Ruby on Rails has the future. Get in touch with an app development agency that is an expert in Ruby on Rails. Let’s discuss it!

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