How to Find a Reliable Web App Developer
Published at October 16, 2017

Web application development is one of the most critical fields when it comes to outsourcing. Companies from various niches need web apps, and many of them are not willing to hire an in-house web app developer, due to higher costs and complicated paperwork.

That is why many companies from around the world choose to outsource this segment and search for web application development companies that will take over the whole department, or for freelance web app developers who will work on simpler projects.

So, the first doubt entrepreneurs have, when searching for a reliable web app developer is whether they should hire an outsourcing company or a freelancer on platforms like Upwork or PeoplePerHour. Many entrepreneurs also take the third path. To save money, they try to create web apps by themselves.

Web application development is not a simple and easy work, so many of these attempts are destined to fail. Still, if you are determined to create a DIY web app, you should definitely read our Comprehensive Guide for Web Application Development. If your company also needs a mobile app, we have all self-taught mobile app developers covered, with our guide for Creating Mobile Apps from Scratch.

In this article, we are going to answer to this and many other questions that deal with hiring a web app developer. We will also deal with best channels for finding candidates and factors that affect the pricing of development projects.

Things you should have in mind when searching for a web app developer

Professional portfolio

Every web app developer should have a portfolio with web apps he/she created. Viewing developer’s portfolio is the most important part of the selection. Keep in mind that most developers only add the best apps to the portfolio and that they have probably had at least a few less successful projects. That is why you should choose developers with spotless portfolios.

Always check references

When hiring a web app developer, you should check at least one reference from their portfolio. Contact some of their previous clients and ask them whether they are satisfied with their work.


When viewing developers’ portfolios search for web apps that cover the same niche as the one you are planning to build. If you need an e-commerce app for selling your goods online, search for a developer who has already created one or a few of these apps. Many developers are not able to easily shift from one niche to another, and this can delay your project completion.

Size of the project

If you need a complex web app, don’t hire inexperienced developers who have just finished college. You need a professional who has worked on complex web apps before. For these tasks, you should only focus on web application development companies. You can probably find many reliable professionals on Upwork, but the creation of these apps usually requires a team of developers. Virtualspirit with its expert team has plenty of experience in creating complex web apps. Just send us the details about the app you would like us to create, and we will start working on it right away.

Test the web app developer before hiring

When hiring developers, you don’t need to ask them trivia question about programming. Even the candidates with mediocre knowledge will be able to answer those. Instead, you should conduct another type of test. If you already have the web or mobile app, tell them to add a simple functionality to it, or change it for the better in any way. If you don’t have an app, tell the web app developer to create a workflow for the app you were planning to make.

Choose someone you easily will get along with

Last but not least, when choosing a web app developer, you will also need to focus on the developer’s character. If you are a punctual person and your work always has to be in perfect order, don’t hire a sloppy developer who will send you murky workflows and incomplete project documentation.

Where to find a web app developer

If your friends and fellow entrepreneurs haven’t already recommended a skillful developer to you, there are several places where you can look for talllented candidates. These include:

  • Google – You can search for web application companies on Google. Most skillful developers have already built their name on the World Wide Web, and their websites are easy to find.
  • Extended networks on LinkedIn – Search your friends’ networks on LinkedIn. The good thing about contacting second connections on this social network is that you can ask your friends about the developer you would like to hire.
  • Upwork  and other freelance outlets – Here you will find both individual developers and development agencies;
  • Local colleges and universities – If none of these channels provides you the adequate result, reach out to local colleges, contact professors and try to recruit graduates or students.

How much would you need to pay for the services of the web application development company?

There are several factors that determine the cost of the web app developer’s work. These include:

  • With or without database – Creating databases in SQL, connecting them with your app and making it asynchronous will cost you money.
  • The size of the project – if you are building an app with a huge database and dozens of functionalities, you will need to invest more funds.
  • Scope – The price also depends on the app’s level of customization. If you want for your app to be one of a kind, you will pay much more than customers who will be ok with pre-built architecture.
  • Geography- offshore developers usually offer the same level of expertise and quality of service at a much smaller cost. That is why you should always hire offshore developers.

Virtualspirit is an offshore development company that can create fully customizable web apps for you, at a highly competitive price. Check out the link for more information about our previous work, development process and prices.


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