Why Responsive Web Design is Important?
Published at November 02, 2017

We are witnessing the evolution of mobile internet. Currently, this is the most convenient and practical form of web that is reshaping the old online publishing forms. That is why the responsive web design has become the primary website design norm in the last couple of years.

According to the Smart Insights’ article in the United States, the mobile browsers and apps take more than 71% of the total minutes, people spend online. European countries and China have the similar result, while in Southeastern Asia and Africa this percentage is even higher since many people there live in the remote areas that can only be reached by the mobile internet signal.

A Huge part of the mobile internet use goes on individuals who use their favorite apps. That is why mobile app development has been so popular lately. Although many mobile users are hooked up on the app craze, the mobile browsers are still relatively popular.

That is why Google and many other search networks decided to improve the rating of responsive websites and punish the webmasters who haven't switch to the responsive web design. Still, the search engine optimization is not the only reason why you should switch to the responsive website layout.

In this article, we are going to present some of the benefits of responsive web design and explain why you should incorporate it into your website's structure as soon as possible.

What is a responsive web design?

Responsive website design is a special layout that can adapt the site content depending on the screen width. Since mobile phones and tablets have narrower screens than regular monitors, the web pages' content is set to collide in one column automatically, so every element can be seen by scrolling down the page.

In responsive websites, visitors don't need to zoom out the web pages or move the focus of their screen left or right while reading longer texts. Text, as one of the content elements also collides in a kindle-looking column that is easy to read by scrolling.

How Mobilegeddon influenced the website design?

One of the biggest changes in the web design norms primarily revolves around Mobilegeddon. This is a Google algorithm change that has improved the visibility of websites with responsive layout and penalized the web platforms that aren’t mobile accessible.

In addition to the update announcement, Google has released a guide, on its Developers’ page, which defines the criteria for mobile-friendly websites. In addition to the textual guides, Google has also offered a mobile-friendly test on its Search Console.

Although Google and other search engines tend to penalize the websites that aren't mobile-friendly, Mobilegeddon and the hype created around it is not the only reason why you should switch to the responsive web design layout. Responsive website design is beneficial in so many ways, including:

Responsive web design looks better on mobile phones

Desktop and laptop computers were a must have for every individual or business person, a few years ago. Today, smartphones and tablets have become the device of choice for many people whose life or business aren’t closely connected with the informational technologies field.

If you want to target these people and turn them into leads, customers, or brand ambassadors, you should adapt your website to their needs and wishes. Introducing a responsive website design to your web presentation is the least you can do to appeal to millions of mobile users from around the world.

Because mobile internet and mobile shopping are on the rise

We already spoke about the massive growth of mobile internet. Mobile shopping is also getting more ground in e-commerce. It is very convenient for employed people to browse products and services they would like to purchase while commuting or waiting for the doctor's appointment.

Introducing a responsive design is the best way you can cater your business for the billions of mobile internet users from around the world. Presenting your products and services on scalable pages, that will allow visitors to review their full beauty and convenience.

Responsive design covers all devices

Most people connect the responsive design with smartphones, but that is just because the rise in smartphone use is so evident in the last couple of years. Responsive designs provide the best possible experience to smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptop computers with different monitor sizes. By implementing responsive design solutions, you will ensure that all visitors, no matter which device they use have the best website experience.

You should follow the latest website design trends

By keeping your website design trendy and current, you are sending a strong message to your audience. Consumers are more trustful towards companies that try to implement the latest trends into their production, service, and marketing.

That is why by applying the responsive web design you are appealing to the most modern and wealthy parts of your audience. Needless to say that these people are also the best buyers of your products and services and that they can recommend your website to their friends, family and business associates. 

Bonus: People can visit your website from the bathroom!!!

Reading shampoo labels have become boring after the first smartphones came out. The stats say that more than 75% of Americans carry their phone to the restroom. This is more than 200 million people, which means that customizing your website just for the bathroom reads and purchases can significantly increase your revenue.

If you already have a website with a traditional structure and design, Virtual Spirit can replace your design theme and make your site responsive in no time. We can also create your platform from scratch, using the good-looking custom responsive designs that provide the best UX to visitors. By hiring our web development team, you are improving your company’s prospects and investing money in the well-being of your business. These types of investments always produce the best returns.

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