React Native development vs native app development
Published at December 25, 2019

There are many technologies, tools, and ways using which you can build a mobile app. Not all of them are good. Some of the development methods will help you build an app faster while others will not. Speed of development is not the only factor that you should consider while choosing a mobile app development approach. There are many other factors, also.

In this blog post, we will compare React Native development with native app development. Both of these approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages.


App performance is one of the most crucial factors that we should consider while selecting a development approach. A high-quality mobile app should be fast and well-performing.

React Native development: React Native apps are undoubtedly very fast. If you build a mobile app using React Native, you won't have to worry about performance. But you have to keep in mind that apps that you develop using React Native are not truly native apps. These apps give near-native performance. The performance of a React Native app is close to that of a native app.

Native development: If you build mobile apps using the native languages, you will get the best performance. No framework can beat native languages for performance. So if you want super fast performance, you should choose the native development approach. But you should note that the development complexity will be very high if you choose to develop using native languages such as Java and C#. 

While selecting an app development approach, you should consider many other comparison factors such a development speed, cost, and so on.

Development speed

To build an exceptionally high-quality mobile app, if you have to spend a huge amount of time, it's a great loss for your business. You can't simply wait for too long for an app launch. The sooner you can launch the app, the better it will be for you because time is money. 

React Native development: React Native development gives you the fastest app development experience when compared to native development. As React Native is a framework, you can build apps faster with it. It's a framework, not a language and every framework is designed to speed up the development work. This great app development framework provides you with nice features and tools that help you accomplish your development tasks faster. For example, the Hot Reloading feature and the pre-built components make your work a lot easier and speed up your app development work.

So you can not just build a high-quality and high-performance app, you can also build your app in a smaller amount of time. So you can choose to build your next mobile app using React Native.

Native development: Using the native languages, although you can build super-fast apps, it will take relatively more time to complete the project as there's a great development complexity involved. So use native development only if you have so much time. Otherwise, using the native app development approach will not be a great idea.

Cross-platform apps

You may need mobile apps for different operating systems. But, in that case, you have to spend a huge amount of time building multiple apps for multiple operating systems. But you can't simply spend so much time on building apps for multiple platforms. In that case, what should you do?

React Native development: React Native is a cross-platform tool for mobile app development. Using this framework, you can produce apps for multiple platforms from the same codebase. This is a huge plus point as it will save you so much time and energy.

Native development: On the other hand, native development does not support cross-platform development. You can obviously build apps for different OS such as Android, iOS, and Windows, you have to build those apps separately, meaning you have to give a great deal of extra effort for making multiple apps for different platforms.

So which approach should you use for your next mobile app? The answer is pretty simple! If you need apps for more than one OS, using React Native will save you a lot of time, money, energy, and effort.

Final thoughts

This article gave you a comparison between React Native development and Native development. This post talked only about the most important comparison factors, such as performance and development speed. There are many other important factors you should take into consideration such as cost and ease of learning. Explaining all the factors is obviously beyond the scope of this article. So I have mentioned only the crucial points.

Which development approach do you prefer and why? Please don't hesitate to tell us in the comments section.

If your business needs a mobile app, feel free to contact us. We have experts at VirtualSpirit who can build exceptionally high-quality mobile apps using both the approaches -- React Native and native development. So call us today if you need development help.

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