7 mistakes that you should avoid while building a React Native app
Published at December 25, 2019

React Native is a great mobile app development tool developed by Facebook and the community. It’s an open-source framework that you can use for building high-quality mobile apps. Building a React Native app is easy if you follow the official documentation and have basic web development knowledge.

This post talks about the mistakes that you may make while building a React Native app. You should definitely try to avoid those mistakes as they can cost you time and money.

1. Not optimizing images

One of the main mistakes that React Developers usually make is that they don’t optimize images while optimizing images is necessary. Optimized images will improve your app performance to some extent and will make your app lightweight. So while building a mobile app using React Native you should not forget to optimize images.

2. Wrong project structure

A wrong project structure can make it hard for you to work with and manage the project. A project can be structured in several ways. Organized project files and folders will make the life of a developer a lot easier.

Beginners usually don’t spend much time on project structure, not realizing that it might cause problems in the future.

Having a good project structure is very important. So you should try to implement the best project structure for your React Native app.

3. Incorrect estimation

Another common mistake made by React Native developers is that they estimate project layouts and forms incorrectly, which can cause issues. It’s important that you estimate project layouts for Android and iOS separately. During form estimation, validation layout estimation needs to be performed, also.

4. Incorrect redux store planning

Redux is a useful tool that helps you manage application data. It helps developers store data properly. But if you do not plan Redux store correctly, it can create issues. 

A big mistake that new developers often make is that they focus on layouts but they don’t care much about data handling. 

5. Not checking the code of external modules

Developers love to add external modules to their React Native projects but they often make the mistake of not reading the code of the external modules that they’re adding to the project. It’s important that you verify anything that you add to your project.

There can be issues in the external modules. Those modules may not work as expected. So checking them will ensure smooth execution of your mobile application.

6. Leaving ‘console.log’ statements in the app

Console.log statements are very useful. They can help you find bugs quickly. Using these statements, you can know why your app is not working as expected and you can know which line of code is causing the problem. But leaving the ‘console.log’ statements can negatively affect your app performance. They will greatly slow down your app. So make sure that you remove those statements after the debugging is done.

7. Not following the coding best practices

Not following the coding best practices for React Native is a big mistake that one can make while working on a React Native project. There are many general and specific-to-React Native coding best practices that you should follow while building your mobile app using this mobile app development framework.

For example, you should follow the naming conventions and try to improve the readability of the code.

Not following the coding practices can slow down the app development process and can even lower the performance and the overall quality of the app. So you should always follow the coding best practices. A simple Google search will show you many articles regarding React Native coding best practices.

Final words

This article listed 7 mistakes that you should avoid while building a React Native app. There can be other mistakes that you may make while building your first mobile app with React Native. This post talked only about the common mistakes made by beginner mobile app developers. It’s very important that you learn from those mistakes and that you do not repeat them in your next React Native app development project.

If you avoid the mistakes listed in this post, you can save a lot of time and can complete your React Native project with ease. So keep them in mind while building your next mobile app with React Native.

Please do not hesitate to share with us your React Native development experience in the comments section. What mistakes did you make while making your first React Native app? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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