The Project

Learnemy approached us with a great idea of helping students in Singapore which can enable them to find local instructors and book their classes online. They have nurtured a network of skilled instructors and a growing base of students who are willing to learn and grow. Elisha, the founder, had put a lot of her marketing skills into making sure this design had a great value for students and started coordinating with the instructors in delivering the diverse content required for different subjects. She was of the opinion that if we help them in developing a web platform that would serve as a medium for instructors and students to connect, and it will become easy for students to book various learning sessions online where they can learn different concepts.

The Challenge

Learnemy as a learning medium was doing good, but leveraging the current resources with the online interface and enabling a secure firewall to enable fast and secure transactions were the real tests. All this data needed a database and tons of servers to run everything smoothly.

Learnemy provides independent instructors having diverse backgrounds with a platform to showcase their expertise, and encourages them to connect with tons of students around Singapore. Hence, reserving your seat and booking these sessions online would only accelerate this platform, but it will also put in on the map of online learning.

The Solution

The entire process of developing this web platform for Learnemy started with taking a look at the services they were providing offline and then brainstorming ways to streamline and expand their booking capabilities online. We conducted meetings in which we chalked out a plan to build a database with many capabilities, implement a secure transaction system for safe booking and to optimize the backend to allow for more services as they expand.

We implemented an optimized distributed server system that could scale up seamlessly and support new services as enrollment increased. After experimenting with many options, we decided to stick with the popular AWS infrastructure.

We had already calculated that we will have to expand our UI to accommodate more menus and options for Learnemy in order to take advantage of all the features in the front end. Our UI team was clever enough to prototype a variety of interface designs. We collected input on our designs from current users and newly enrolled students. Page loading time and pipeline efficiency were considered with importance and ultimately we optimized all for the best user experience at every level.

We used Capistrano to deploy and to push updates while testing each iteration. After doing consumer research to find the most intuitive and streamlined solutions, the feedback we received resulted in full social media integration and led us to the development of a design that not only increased user engagement but also increased the rates of new enrollment drastically.

The Results

It is the dedication and the passion of our team that brings the best out of everyone who is involved in the process. We created and nurtured a platform that not only connected students and teachers but made us realize how important it is for education to reach every nook and corner of the target audience. We had a fun time making it and the makers of Learnemy totally loved it!

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