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The Project

MyCredit platform helps the users to know all of the details related to their credit profile. It also let them know the i-Score according to the profile which is equivalent to credit score.

It is a utility platform which proves to be useful in people's day-to-day lives. So the aim was to make a fast, simple and of course user-friendly application.

MyCredit Info had contacted us regarding their mobile application project. We were thrilled to be sent for by the leading credit corporation of Malaysia. They already had the web application for the platform but now they wanted to replicate all of those functionalities and features to a mobile application for enhancing the user experienc.

Developing the mobile application and a web application are completely different games and we were ready to deal with the challenges.

The Challenge

The MyCredit team needed us to design and build an application which will show the accurate credit score according to the credit history of a person. It had to give the users regular updates of credit card record as notifications.
Security was the main concern while developing the application because credit card related details are highly sensitive. It should not be breached at any condition.

Maintaining the data of all of the users was also a key challenge for us and correctly identifying the personal credential of all of the user by just scanning their card was indeed a hard task.

The Solution

The key issues were being solved using two important credit reports: JagaMyID and Personal Credit Report.

JagaMyID took care of the security part, as it prevented the sensitive information from being leaked and Personal Credit Report handles the regular updates of credit report of a person.

The Results

We developed the app in such a user-friendly way that anyone with basic technical knowledge could get hold of their credit details.  The users can easily sign up by just uploading the pictures of their identity card accepted by Government. In case, the user has forgotten his/her password, he/she can reset the password by entering the One Time Password which has been sent to the user’s mail address. The registered users can also edit their respective profile after setting up their account, again by following the same process as listed for resetting password.

Developing this awesome project was a challenging task in itself but at the end, we have done it and .we were happy to deliver a satisfying product to the leading credit bureau of Malaysia.

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