Together Living

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The Project

Together Living brings a new trend of living with others in one space that encourages its residents to interact together. Providing a co-living concept built on openness and collaboration with community residents sharing similar mindsets and values. Together Living aims to transform the traditional rental market into a modern living rental concept through a hassle-free property management experience for landlords and a quality liveable space for tenants.

To provide the best service to its tenants and landlords, VirtualSpirit realised that they need to simplify the process of property buying time, have a user-friendly app and website, and provide a safety warranty for the property.

The Challenge

Since many tenants were experiencing difficulty in searching for room availability, making payments, and requesting any maintenance service. Not to mention that landlords couldn't manage rentals due to the many properties they have. Therefore building a new, user-friendly and intuitive app for its vast community was a challenge. Designing its website with robust technology to assure everything went smoothly was another milestone to achieve.

The Solution

VirtualSpirit believed that Together Living is not just a property listing portal. It's supposed to be a quality living home that inspires people to live together and grow together. We polished not just its mobile app but its website as well. We perfected every feature on its mobile app from room information, room availability, payment & tracking, service requests & tracking, user information, and community guidelines, to a chat group. Landlords gained easy access to manage all property they have.

The website encouraged interaction between landlords and tenants. By simple listing requirements, landlords can list their properties hassle-free. With its intuitive interface, tenants are able to find which property they want in just a few clicks.

The Results

The app runs smoothly for years and the website has been visited a thousand times. Landlords can easily manage rentals by viewing reports on the landlord-owner page. Tenants can find a rental property and pay for the rental easily. This project has also taught us that regardless of differences in ethnicity, skin colour, history, and background, all people can coexist together and support one another. It's more about people than tech.

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