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The Project

SASA is a well-established cosmetics retail chain with over 270 retail stores and counters. Right from their inception, SASA began dominating the cosmetics retail space. Their presence in Asia includes Hong Kong & Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, and Malaysia.  

They sell over 700 brands, covering over 17,000 skincare, fragrance, make-up and hair care, body care products, etc. According to “Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500”, SASA is the leading cosmetics retail chain in Asia.

They also sell the products of their own in their chain of retail stores and e-commerce platform. They faced a major problem while establishing their online presence. So the SASA team came to us with the task of developing a mobile app, integrating all the useful features required for a user-friendly and modern e-commerce application.

Some visitors prefer to shop online, and others prefer to visit the physical store. As they have over 270 retail stores and counters, having a store locator had to be a necessary feature in the app.

Having a third-party payment gateway integrated to the online store renders a glitch-free shopping experience to the users. Moreover, leveraging the power of social media takes a business to the next level as the Millenials hang out more commonly on those platforms.

The Challenge

We thoroughly understood their customer demands and planned out the development process. Clearly, a map’s API, a social media login API, and a payment gateway API were to be integrated into the app. Their ideas were customer-centric, and we couldn’t resist ourselves from getting involved in this marvelous project. We aimed to deliver an app, where anybody with internet access and a smartphone could easily log in to, locate a store nearby, and make payments online seamlessly.

The Solution

After gathering all the information, for a better understanding of SASA’s requirement and the nuances, we had had quite a few brainstorm sessions. For this project, we used Flock as our internal communication tool. It helped the whole team to stay updated on each development made in the app.

Everybody, including us, loves to be minimalist and SASA was no exception to it. Irrespective of the user’s technical knowledge, we wanted the app to be easy-to-use, and user-friendly. Of course, the challenging part was not the user interface, but the integration of different third-party APIs which are essential for any e-commerce app.

The User Interface
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The Results

Most of SASA’s customers are the youth. Since Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users, we decided to integrate the “Facebook Login” API with SASA. Thus, the e-commerce platform became capable of getting more sign-ups from young users.

Now, along with with the map integration for store locator, and payment gateway integration for an online transaction, the app built for SASA is a complete package for an e-commerce platform. Using the search bar, sort by, and filter options, users can easily find a product of their choice and purchase those in seconds.

Our experience with SASA was unique as we took part in adding the essentials to an e-commerce app. With the help of our technical team, we came up with the best APIs for the app after going through tons of reviews.

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