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The Project

E-SEAChain is a part of the Alibaba Group and was striving hard to make B2B businesses thrive seamlessly. They specialized in this domain for more than three decades, and they had a very clear and concise business plan. Their clarity helped us understand the core requirements.

They had their idea penned down. The only barrier to cross was to have a website that opens up the market for suppliers to ship their products effectively to different parts of the globe. When they arrived at this phase, it was obvious for us to extend our support in building their e-commerce website.

They wanted to put the unique concept of B2B e-commerce to life by building a website. It had the potential to make the lives of the manufacturers and the suppliers simple by bridging the gap. For a deeper understanding, we had set up quite a few meetings with E-SEAChain and gained a thorough knowledge of the industry demands.

The Challenge

Upon hearing the concept of E-SEAChain, we were totally awestruck about it, and we wanted to kick-start the project immediately. The concept included not only for the suppliers to get orders globally, but also the manufacturers to choose and compare products and their prices.

The idea was to give the manufacturer the ability to easily connect with any of the suppliers of his or her choice. If the manufacturer is satisfied with a supplier’s offerings, the manufacturer can Request for Quote (RFQ) from the supplier instantly.

Thus, anybody with basic computer knowledge and internet access could easily buy and sell goods in bulk and not worry much about the shipment.

The Solution

With all the tiny and intricate details collected from E-SEAChain, we accepted the challenge and started to design and prototype it. We ensured to deliver an e-commerce website that enables seamless navigation within the website, rendering all the information a potential visitor would require.

To maximize the flexibility between E-SEAChain and us, we came up with a top-notch prototype so that we could get enough feedback and fine-tune the website further for better customer experience.

We believe reinventing the wheel is unnecessary. Hence, we took ample inspiration from the market. Surprisingly, not many of the businesses render all the services offered by E-SEAChain. Thus, we were required to develop the website from scratch without any pre-written codes, and we just did that with perfection.

We were keen about going the minimalistic way with the website. It is so because, irrespective of the technical knowledge, we wanted every supplier and manufacturer to meet on the website, get orders, and satisfy each other.

The User Interface
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The Results

The e-commerce website E-SEAChain has been a dream for many manufacturers and suppliers. We have delivered the website to the E-SEAChain team but dedicated it to the entire B2B community. The full-fledged e-commerce website is now capable of serving products from 6+ categories across 10+ industries.

A manufacturer/supplier just needs to create an account through a simple online sign-up process on the E-SEAChain e-commerce website to access these products. Once they have signed up, they can find the “Categories” and “Industries” box on the left.

There is a convenient search bar available at the top. You can search for products you look for in it, and request for a quote with the supplier using the “Request for Quote” button available next to the search bar.


E-SEAChain was a unique experience for us, and the challenges were not only limited to technical problem-solving. Understanding user aesthetics and getting every detail right was our motto throughout the development process. With numerous brainstorming sessions and uncompromising dedication of our coders, we successfully delivered a perfect product.

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